White Label Solution based on Merchant API

White Label Solution based on Merchant API

Together with our partner, Bitlocus, we created a new service for developing white-label solutions based on Bitlocus’s Merchant API, essential ready-made features for building a unique user experience without reinventing the wheel.

Bitlocus is a global financial technology company with a mission to bring fiat and cryptocurrencies together through various features, including an investment platform for fiat-based investors, fiat-to-crypto exchange, payment cards, crypto payment processing, liquidity, and other services.

  • White-label solution based on unique technology

Merchant API offers complete cryptocurrency exchange functionality without a user interface.  

At S-PRO, we provide custom UI/UX design for customers of this service. Bitlocus provides a custom-developed back end with some features based on an existing solution.

Our clients will appreciate the short launch time, as all essential exchange features are ready to be incorporated into their preferred design. This allows for significant savings. 

  • Features included

The solution includes KYC and AML processing; it takes up to 10 minutes to confirm a user’s identity. For users’ convenience, both fiat and crypto on-/off-ramps are available, and SEPA/SWIFT and card payments are accepted. Clients can choose which cryptocurrencies to implement.

Any improvements can be made according to the client’s business requirements. The design itself and the app development opportunities are limitless.

  • Cost of the service

The setup costs and fees are lower compared to competitors. The one-time setup fee depends on required customisations. Customers get deployment, technical support, all crypto integrations, AML/KYC processing, access to developers, and a compliance officer on standby for a monthly fee. This way, they save on infrastructure (servers) and staff (AML/KYC/compliance). The service also charges a small trading fee that depends on the trading volume.

  • Support and maintenance 

Our clients get maintenance and AML/KYC processing, which are included in the monthly fee.

  • Value of the service

Together with Bitlocus, we offer turnkey software development solution. An experienced team of account managers, designers, front-end developers, and back-end developers is ready to implement customisations according to the client’s business needs.

  • Who may be interested

A client could be any business that wants to build apps on crypto exchange infrastructure.

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