Why You Need to Use Vim?

Why You Need to Use Vim?

What can encourage you to change your IDE (Integrated development environment)? Yeah, that’s the thing that helps developers to create the desired applications. We used it for web development. Wanna know why? Just go further!

What is so special about this editor?

Let’s try to figure this out together! First, you can literally model an ideal IDE editor of Vim thanks to the huge number of existing plugins, so to say, configure it in your image. Secondly, there is always a desire to find a text editor that is convenient/nice/easy (underline as necessary) to code in. Furthermore, a comprehensive number of positive reviews encourages taking the next step.

Why aren’t you a fan of Vim yet?

The thing is that if you don't spend at least a month getting to know it you will definitely hate it. That is the reason why most newbies work with Vim for just a day and then never touch it again. But, if you, for example, spend some time exploring the different Vim options then each time the delight from Vim will only grow.

Now it’s time to learn about the most pleasant–its advantages:

  • Vim (even with plugins) is clearly lighter than most of the rest IDE;
  • Vim supports everything in the world (any language or system), it’s just enough to create a basic plugin for it;
  • You don’t need a mouse to work in Vim;
  • Vim is incredibly extensible–anything you want can be implemented in it;
  • Vim can work in console mode only. For example, it gives an opportunity to start working on one machine and if needed continue working on the other.
  • Your Vim configuration can easily be transmitted to any machine you need. Is it possible in any other editor? That’s a good question!

These are just general advantages of Vim.

What about plugins?

What kind of opportunities does each plugin have? Well, here is the list of the most useful plugins:

Neocomplcache provides auto-tips and autocomplete function.

Nerd tree implements files and directories navigation.

Nerd commenter comments code in almost any programming language.

CtrlP is ideal for the situation when you know the file name that needs to be edited but you don’t remember what directory it is in.

Vim airline improves and decorates Vim status bar making it vivid and colorful.

Python-mode has refactoring, autocompletion, documentation, Python debugger, etc.

If you want more functionality than you can search the needed plugins on GitHub or on the official Vim website.


Comfortable and pleasant environment increases work productivity. It is the same with the development environment as it is one of the main instruments for the developer.

All the arguments above are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. And you’ll want to try Vim in action as soon as possible.

Just try it! If it turns out to be what you want then your work in Vim will bring you a lot of pleasure.


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