Your All-Inclusive Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development Service

Plan, build, and implement any type of cryptocurrency exchange platform with a turnkey solution.

Tap into the multi-billion dollar crypto exchange industry by leveraging the best crypto technologies in a solid, secure, and scalable cryptocurrency exchange platform. Launch out with a crypto exchange app that’s highly intuitive and easily accessible on the web and mobile devices with support for many different trading modules.

A One-Stop Development Service for all Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We are your go-to development partner for creating customized, world-class exchange platforms. We will facilitate the entire lifecycle of your development with everything from communication tools to support for coding in many different languages, individual and enterprise-grade wallets, crypto liquidity, plus lots more.

Choose either a white-label software that can easily be rebranded for a quicker time-to-market, or build a customized exchange that gives your users an unrivaled experience.

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges

Serve as the middleman in cryptocurrency trades, an administrator securing transactions. Build a broker-based exchange app that provides a trusted environment for cryptocurrency trades.

Decentralized P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges (DEXs)

Build an air-tight decentralized exchange platform that lets people trade with peace of mind without middlemen or central admins. Our P2P cryptocurrency exchange software comes with escrow protection and automated smart contracts that allow for impeccable transparency and reliability in crypto trades.

One-Page Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Give your time-pressed users a seamless, streamlined exchange experience with our one-page cryptocurrency exchange script. Use a highly accessible and speedy platform that works without time-consuming KYC procedures and complex UI controls. From start to finish, you can launch your one-page exchange software within days.

Social Trading Systems

Create a stable, user-friendly social trading platform that allows investors to mirror their favorite traders effortlessly. Our social trading systems support features like trader ratings for finding the right traders and smart portfolios for automated trading.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Fast track your time to market with our best-in-class white-label cryptocurrency exchange software. You’ll get glitch-free, user-friendly, and highly secure exchange software that’s super-easy to customize.

NFT Exchange Software

Build an all-inclusive NFT platform where users can trade arts, collectibles, and other valuables using non-fungible tokens. Get excellent support for features like KYC verification, payment and withdrawal gateways, market analytics, and more.

Cold Wallet Mobile Apps

Empower your users to trade crypto on the go safely with our cold wallet mobile apps. Give them peace of mind with wallet features like multi-factor authentication, automatic logouts, accessible payment gateways, and support for multiple currencies.

We Create Full Cryptocurrency Exchange Infrastructure

Join forces with a development partner that will not only help you launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform, but will go with you all the way on your journey. We have the complete Inventories and proven expertise to design, customize, launch, scale, and maintain your platform.
Cryptocurrency Exchange App for Mobile and Web Users
Build customized cryptocurrency exchange web and mobile apps for Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptos. Access support for your business logic and many different types of trading modules.
Cryptocurrency Wallets Development and Integration
Build cross-compatible multicurrency wallets that are easily accessible across the web and mobile devices. Use high-grade security features like multi-signature support and multi-factor authentication to keep your wallets airtight.
OTC Trading Platform
Help users generate profitable crypto trades automatically with a cutting-edge OTC trading solution. Apply custom crypto trading strategies, arbitrage services, and full-cycle portfolio management to give your users instant, and secure trading solutions.
Reliable Payment Gateways
Consolidate customer loyalty with seamless, secure payment solutions. Protect your users from frauds, chargebacks, and other setbacks with features for instant verification of transactions. Our multicurrency and multi-card support provides safe, instant currency conversion.
White Label STO Platforms
Integrate all your asset management systems with your digital ecosystem at total ease. Use a simple, unified interface to run your STO campaigns, P2P investments, and securities trade.

Our White Label Crypto Exchange Security Features

Take advantage of our decades of combined crypto technology experience to build fully hack-proof crypto exchanges. Not only do we operate in full compliance with the CryptoCurrency Security Standards, but we also go above and beyond to provide your platform with well-rounded protection using features like multifactor authentication, automatic session logout, accessible transaction records, data encryption, and DDoS protection.
HTTPs Authentication
We use secure HTTPs authentication tools like OAuth for user authentication.
Data Encryption
End-to-end data encryption ensures your users' credentials and personal data do not fall into the wrong hands.
Anti Denial of Service (DoS)
Anti DoS protection helps your platform repel attacks from overwhelming exchange traffic volumes.
Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
Our anti-DDoS protects your platform from getting overrun by DDoS attacks.
Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Suspicious user activities like state-changing requests can easily be kept at bay with our anti-CSRF.
Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)
An extra layer of server-side protection that secures your platform against attacks from pregnable web applications.
HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection
Another server-side security feature for HTTP parameter protection repelling attacks that use HTTP requests to obtain hidden information.

Our White Label Crypto Exchange Security Features

Our main goal is to provide solutions for quick, secure, and compliant cryptocurrency transactions at scale. To help anyone build reliable revenue streams from the crypto exchange, we strive to provide cutting-edge exchange solutions for everyone, from low-profile features to enterprise-grade components.
Compliance with Defi Tech Standards
Get cutting-edge, compliant integrations for Ethereum & Bitcoin P2P networks with support for wallets, chats, and strict user identity requirements.
A Full DLT Ecosystem
Build, test, deploy, and upgrade your exchanges on a solitary platform. Integrate APIs, wallets, and other third-party services with total ease.
Professional-Cut Customization Options
Consult with us to find the most suitable customization options, from protocols to transaction rules, and on-premises or cloud infrastructure.
A Deep Bench of Experts
Tap into our deep wealth of experience. Our multidisciplinary team of experts has several decades of combined experience in blockchain and cybersecurity.
Speedy Development
Get your crypto exchange platform ready within a few months. We'll help you plan and execute an expedited and highly efficient development project.
Complete Support
Enjoy our ongoing support throughout the development phase as well as the entire lifecycle of your project. We'll help you access proactive, responsive technical support throughout your campaign.
A Deep Network of Blockchain Development Partners
Work with the best experts, innovators, and thought leaders in the crypto field to create unrivaled blockchain solutions for your customers. Our blockchain partners include the BCCS network, which is cofounded by us, white-label blockchain solution providers, and crypto liquidity partners.
Versatile Expertise
Supercharge your digital transformation with seamless access to Fintech solutions from digital banking to e-commerce, stock trading platforms, Insurtech, lending and borrowing systems, plus more. Let’s help ease up your digital transformation bottlenecks with top-draw support for Fintech integrations, marketplaces, onboarding solutions, fraud detection and prevention, blockchain, solutions, and data analysis.

Our Process

  • Ideation
  • Planning
  • Building
  • Testing
  • Implementing
  • Support


Our initial consultation sessions focus on our customers' unique business needs and the best possible solutions for them. We help clients come to terms with their unique business environment and plot the most viable path to profits.


We pull together the necessary resources and join forces with leading experts to explore viable development options for our customers.


We organize all the necessary resources to design and engineer the product using our deep expertise and ensuring the end product is fully compliant, efficient, and secure


We have robust testing toolsets to test prototypes, MVPs, and beta versions of our products. Before we launch a platform, we ensure it passes several test itineraries.


We’ll apply the finishing touches and ready the product for the markets, ensuring it meets all the necessary security and regulatory standards.


We'll provide ongoing advisory services to help clients maneuver any unforeseen challenges. We’ll also see feature enhancements. Our after-product support helps ensure that the product undergoes continuous refinement and scaling to bring it ever closer to the design objectives.

Our Customer Success Stories

A solution that helps users buy and sell digital assets in the MENA region. CoinMENA’s goal is to provide direct and regulated access to the world of digital assets.
A secure and easy-to-use assistant that helps users enjoy trading on the cryptocurrency market and allows wallet-to-wallet exchange and trading of ERC-20 tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important factors to consider when getting a crypto exchange platform?

In order to deliver the goods without fail, an exchange platform must score high in reliability, security, and scalability. These features make for a reliable exchange platform that customers can always be confident in.

What are the must-have security features for crypto exchanges?

S-PRO offers top-notch security features like SSL certification, multi-factor authentication, encrypted user access, limits on fund withdrawals, and more.

How much does it cost to launch a crypto exchange?

The cost of a crypto exchange platform varies based on the features. A custom crypto exchange clone script usually costs about $50 000 -$100 000, but preassembled white-label options cost much less.

How long does it take to launch a crypto exchange?

That also depends on the features of your platform. A white label exchange can be quickly assembled and customized within days, while a custom exchange built from scratch takes months.

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    Zurich, Switzerland
    Hardturmstrasse 161, 8005
    Zug, Switzerland
    Dammstrasse 16, 6300
    R&D Centers
    Lodz, Poland
    Zachodnia 70, 90-403
    Lviv, Ukraine
    Heroiv UPA 71, 79000
    Kyiv, Ukraine
    Verkhnii Val St, 24, 04071
    Business Representatives
    Salt Lake City, USA
    Kiln SLC, 26 S Rio Grande St, UT 84101
    Austin, USA
    11801 Domain blvd., 3rd Fl, Austin, TX 78758
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Science Park 608, 1098 XH