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Expanding Adoption of Electric Vehicles Across the Globe

New markets.
New opportunities.
New challenges.
The global automotive industry is now on the verge of making a gigantic leap, furthering innovations and the transition to renewable energy. Today, we can witness how state-of-the-art technologies, sustainable initiatives, and consumer demands combine into tremendous future prospects in the electromobility industry.
The rise of emerging technologies and consumer demand for greener transport clearly point towards the massive adoption of electric vehicles in the nearest future. It also implies the roll-out of the EV charging sector and the growing demand for enterprise software that provides data for EV charging network management, as well as consumer apps that help EV drivers find stations and charge their cars.
At S-PRO, we believe in building a sustainable future by making electromobility the new global standard. Our software solutions empower clients in the EV charging industry to run their businesses more effectively than ever and deliver the next-generation customer experience for EV drivers.

Insights Into the Global Electric Vehicle Industry

According to recent data provided by the German Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW), there are already 5.6 million electric vehicles on the roads all over the globe.
The new analysis from Deloitte shows that we will see 21 million electric vehicles on the roads worldwide over the next decade.
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), electric vehicles will make 40% of all passenger vehicles by 2040.
Many famous automakers plan to join the game. BMW has announced that it will have 12 fully electric vehicles by 2025. Porsche is planning to spend $7.4 billion on electric cars.
The Boston Consulting Group forecasts that electric vehicles will make up 14% of global car sales, with plug-in hybrids reaching 6%, and gasoline vehicles making up 47% in 2030.

New Opportunities for eMobility Service Providers

Discover the possibilities of the electric mobility future empowered by innovative EV charging software and solutions.
Access and manage your EV charging infrastructure securely
Our best-in-class custom software solutions empower charge point operators and electromobility service providers to optimize management and deliver high-quality customer service with the ability to attune electric station settings to any changes remotely.
Provide the next-generation customer experience
Let your customers be easily led through the process at a central terminal via touch screen, from identification to completion of the charging process. We can also help you create a customer-friendly app that allows EV drivers to find your stations and manage charging from their mobile devices.
Discuss your ideas with us
Our Head of Sales Dmytro Sosnovyk will asnwer all your questions.
Maximize the profitability of your EV charging stations
Keep track of your revenue in an intuitive interface, set own rules of billing in your charging network, and manage tariff codes for your locations and clusters. Let your customers use their preferred payment method and make easy payments after the charging session is finished.
Acquire new customers for your business
Open up your stations to the global EV charging network and ensure new customer acquisition with our open standards and interoperability solutions. Our cloud-based software is compatible with all EV charging systems and can be integrated with other e-charging stations.
Differentiate your EV charging network
Smart EV charging software enables companies to improve operational performance edge, grow their ROI, and achieve a significant competitive advantage in the market. It also helps them adapt and evolve in the fast-approaching era of new mobility.

Smart EV Charging Software Solutions

Discover the possibilities of the electric mobility future empowered by innovative EV charging software and solutions.
Empower your electromobility business with our white-label EV charging management software that effectively responds to the needs of the modern EV market ecosystem. Experience a multi-level platform to administer all your charge points more efficiently. Optimize operations and stay in control by managing everything remotely and in real-time.
S-PRO can support your business model with secure transparency software for electromobility. We provide solutions that enable you to take full control of streamlining your EV charging billing operations and revenue management. Set your own billing rules for your charge stations and offer hassle-free payment solutions for EV drivers.
Reimagine your eMobility business with intuitive EV charging software that allows you to manage and track real-time charging activity of the charge stations and electric vehicles. We create cloud-based EV fleet management platforms that can help you save precious time and enable you to conduct station maintenance remotely.
We provide eMobility roaming software solutions that give EV drivers access to thousands of charge points worldwide. Open your state-of-the-art electric charging stations to the world's biggest charging network, get them listed in navigation systems, and ensure that they are easily identified by customers all over the globe.
Offer your customers an easy-to-use mobile app that can help them find your e-charging stations, start and stop charging their electric vehicles, and pay without a wallet after the charging session. S-PRO can help you create a custom mobile app that meets all your business needs and matches your brand style.

We have experience in launching own eMobility startup

At S-PRO, we understand all the nuances of the electromobility industry because we have already launched our own startup, CryptoWatt. It is a future-proof roaming solution for Electric Charging Operators and Mobility Service Provides that enables drivers to charge electric vehicles at any point around the globe. CryptoWatt is a Blockchain-powered project based on the principles of transparency, reliability, flexibility, scalability, and process integrity.

Why Customers Choose Us

Smart charging excellence

We are a frontrunner in smart charging technologies with more than six years of experience in the business. Our extensive technical expertise and domain knowledge help us create cutting-edge software solutions addressing all the challenges of the future electromobility.

Experience in growing our own EV Roaming Startup

We understand all the pitfalls and challenges of the industry because we have launched our own electromobility startup. It is CryptoWatt, a roaming software solution for Electric Charging Operators and Mobility Service Provides that allows charging your car everywhere.

The support of industry-standard protocols

Our EV charging software solutions support the principle of interoperability and all the industry-standard protocols. We are curating the next level of OCPI-based roaming with the open charging network. We also align to OCPP, the industry-supported standard for communication between EV charging and electricity providers.

Extensive international experience

Operating since 2014, S-PRO has already shipped more than 120 successful projects for clients all over the globe. We pro-actively participate in international competitions and set partnerships with companies worldwide to move this world forward into an innovation-driven and sustainable future together.

Close cooperation & individual approach

We believe that communication with a client is key to project success. That's why we ensure that it goes effectively at every stage of the development process. If you need more attention from our CEO and CTO due to the product complexity, we are ready for an exclusive format of cooperation with you.

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