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About Us

We are a team of 150+ talents that creates products at the intersection of the technology, creativity and innovation. We help our clients to launch a market-ready product or to upgrade the existing one.

We set impossible goals, and then we achieve them. Our team consists of perfectionists, who are crafting through the innovation and are striving for the excellence. We try, and try, and then try again, until we will be fully satisfied with the result.

Management Team

Igor Izraylevych


Andrii Fisiuk

Co-founder/VP of Product Management

Aleksandr Saiko

VP of engineering

Elena Izraylevych

VP Finance & Administration

Alina Anzina


Arseniy Burmistrov

Head of Sales

Andrii Bobrovskii

Team Lead Full Stack

Eugene Golovan

Team Lead Full Stack

We Are


Customer needs and satisfaction are top priority for us.


Great technology is the key to great product.


We are proactive in exploring new solutions.

Open-Minded Approach

To let every professional in our team unlock their potential we refuse to follow strict bureaucratic rules and let the freedom, creativity and experiments reign the company. This allows to approach the development process without any thinking patterns and discover new, better ways to achieve the result.

Agile Development

Our team uses agile methodology that allows us to react instantly to the slightest changes. We are always ready to reconsider our strategy to meet new conditions.

Agile development guarantees frequent and high-quality communication between the team and the customer. You can see easily what has been already done and what is going on thanks to well-organised visuals and reports.

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