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Create advanced and feature-rich wellness software that helps users improve their mental health and lifestyle — all in one place.
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Adastra – Case Study

A user-friendly app for meditation and personal development
A mobile health and wellness solution for meditation and personal development that provides quality meditation courses and audio tracks.
  • A concise, minimalist design so nothing distracts users from listening to playlists
  • Administrative panel for producers who want to monetize their content
  • Ad Astra application offers unique content from various authors
Vlad Bogdanovic
Founder & Chairman, Ad Astra Wellbeing
S-PRO produced deliverables to stakeholder satisfaction. By dedicating a single point of contact, the team supported seamless collaboration. Securing a successful partnership, they effectively adapted to changes in product requirements throughout the development process.

Support Digital Wellness with Robust Solutions

We’re strong at building these types of well-being apps
Employee well-being apps
Fitness and productivity apps
Gym management systems
Rehabilitation programs
Activity and sleep challenge platforms
Yoga apps
Pregnancy apps
Coaching apps
Sleep cycle analysis apps
Cognitive training apps
Meditation and mindfulness apps
Anxiety and mood control apps
Online counseling and therapy apps
Self-improvement apps
Mental disorder management apps
Breathing apps
Stress reduction programs
Smoking cessation programs
Health management platforms
Meal planning and nutrition apps
Wellness eCommerce apps

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Our Stack of Wellness App Development Services

Solution Design Phase

This is where our wellness software development services start. During the solution design phase, we conduct workshops, define the software architecture and technologies, and provide clickable prototypes, pitch decks, a development roadmap, resource plans, and product specifications.

Wellness App Design

We create a modern, user-centered design for your application that will help your users enjoy interacting with it.

Mobile App Development

We skillfully combine design and technical skills to develop complex, user-centric mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Web App Development

Our developers are experts in both frontend and backend development. We design and build web apps and maintain the servers, databases, and technologies that make those apps convenient for users.

Cross-Platform Development

Develop software products for multiple platforms. Our engineers use various methods to adapt wellness software for different operating systems and environments.

MVP Development

Apply a cost-efficient way to find your product–market fit. Test your idea before you spend time and money building the whole product.

White Label Solution Development

Create customized digital products based on existing solutions. Add the desired features and develop a unique design for your wellness application with S-PRO.

AI Module Implementation

We’ll consult you on implementing any AI modules into your wellness solution. Make your wellness software convenient and adapted to your users’ needs.

Third-Party Integrations

We can advise you on integrations with third-party services and handle the integrations themselves, making your product accessible to users.

Software Maintenance and Consulting

Any wellness app needs continuous development, improvements, and upgrades. You can rely on our support and maintenance services to improve your wellness software every constantly.

Why Choose Our Wellness App Development Company?

Global experience creating user-focused apps
Deep healthcare expertise
Hands-on experience in mindfulness apps
Product mindset
Partner attitude
Ability to secure user health data in compliance with HIPAA & the GDPR
Incorporation of cutting-edge technologies into your solution
Higher downloads and greater revenue potential

Supporting Services

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Create intelligent wellness and fitness solutions with the help of our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services.
Our mental health and fitness chatbots communicate with your users to help you get and retain leads, generating more revenue.
With software for wearables, users can track a wide range of vital signs, significantly improving their lifestyle.
Increase the security of users’ personal information with our blockchain-based mental and physical health applications.

Technology Expertise


ReactJS, AngularJS


NodeJS, Python, GoLang, Firebase, Java

Mobile development

React Native, Flutter


NEM Symbol, Solidity, Corda, Hyperledger, Binance Smartchain, Ethereum


NLP, Computer vision, Deep learning, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch


Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Hetzner


Gitlab CI, Jenkins CI, Github Action, CircleCI

Frequently Asked Questions

We advise you to pay attention to each company’s portfolio. Look for successfully implemented projects that are similar to yours. For example, if you need wellness business management software, ensure that your technology partner has experience creating such an application.

The cost of wellness software development depends on the application’s functionality. You can count on a range from $100,000 to $400,000. Contact our experts for a more detailed and accurate estimate of the cost to build your project.

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Zurich, Switzerland
Hardturmstrasse 161, 8005
Zug, Switzerland
Dammstrasse 16, 6300
R&D Centers
Lodz, Poland
Zachodnia 70, 90-403
Lviv, Ukraine
Heroiv UPA 71, 79000
Kyiv, Ukraine
Verkhnii Val St, 24, 04071
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