Mobile app development market

Research report

The steadily rising number of smartphone users worldwide means one thing: the mobile application market is showing double-digit growth on par with it. So does the mobile app development industry.

While global trends are more or less universal, the industry’s state still varies depending on the local market. Development costs, the startup climate, and smartphone user preference in the United Kingdom, for example, may differ from Switzerland.

If you are preparing to develop or grow your mobile app startup, you’ll need a comprehensive overview and outlook of the mobile app industry on a global and local scale. To provide this information, we at S-PRO have studied several hundred-page reports and surveys to summarize them in this report.

Our mobile app research contains information about:

  • The state of the global mobile app industry, talent, and technologies
  • The overview and outlook of the app development industry in Switzerland: talent, technologies, and startup climate
  • Leading app development companies and case studies in Switzerland
  • The app industry trends to keep in mind in 2023 and beyond