Big Data for Business

We provide custom Big Data solutions to complement your current business model with technologies capable of mapping out and presenting massive amounts of data. Big Data solutions deliver business intelligence and enhance process automation.

Big Data for Business

The benefits

Intelligent decision-making

Intelligent decision-making

Data-driven decisions that discover actionable information and provide your business with quantifiable intelligence.

Reduced operational costs

Reduced operational costs

The most time- and cost-effective way to store, explore, and present high volumes of data.

Boosted productivity

Boosted productivity

Quick and efficient big data analysis increases productivity on all levels of business operations.

Enhanced agility

Enhanced agility

Aligning your business strategy and effort in a rapidly changing market faster and more efficiently.


of leading companies are increasing the pace of their Big Data and AI investments to transform into agile and competitive businesses.

Source: NewVantage Venture Partners, Big Data Executive Survey 2019

Services provided

& Strategy

We will provide a clear breakdown of your business needs and design a custom-fit solution to satisfy them. We will uncover valuable internal and external data sources that result in actionable insight.

& Framework

We design a state-of-the-art Big Data solution for you, implementing it into your existing business ecosystem in a fully scalable fashion.

Data exploration
& Analysis

We perform an exploratory and descriptive analysis of your data from which we then construct and validate singular predictive models for your business.

Data collection
& Preparation

We collect data from a wide range of databases, applications, and systems. We then adapt it to match the required formatting of your target system and load it into a destination database.

& Monitoring

We integrate our Big Data solution into your business without causing any disruption to your currently functioning businesses. Practical insights gleaned from your data are visualized and made available to decision-makers in accessible formats.

Eugene Golovan

Eugene Golovan

Tech Lead, Databricks Certified Developer - Apache Spark for Scala


We are face to face with an era of information. In just over the last two years 90% of all data even created has come into existence. Big Data solutions make all those terabytes of information meaningful.

Our expertise


Big Data
(Hadoop cluster)


NoSQL and Graph


Cloud Data




Data Integration

Our approach




We carefully analyze your business to uncover the best Big Data Solution to satisfy your company needs and boost overall performance.

identifying user profile
development process overview


Data preparation

Data preparation

We identify all information sources that can help your business reach data-driven decisions. Cataloging data for future analysis.

identifying data sources
aggregating data


Data exploration

Data exploration

We visualize and break down a complex system of data types, uncovering insights hidden in unstructured data and giving shape to comprehensive analytics.

uncovering insight
visualizing results


Building architecture

Building architecture

We build an overarching system designed to extract vital business data that results in higher profits and lower risks.

smart decision-making
powering up productivity




We implement Big Data solutions into your business in a non-disruptive way.

data integration
data mapping

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