Big Data Application

Big Data Application Development

We provide custom Big Data solutions to complement your current business model with technologies capable of mapping out and presenting massive amounts of data. Big Data solutions deliver business intelligence and enhance process automation.

The Benefits

Intelligent decision-making
Data-driven decisions that discover actionable information and provide your business with quantifiable intelligence.
Reduced operational costs
The most time- and cost-effective way to store, explore, and present high volumes of data.
Boosted productivity
Quick and efficient big data analysis increases productivity on all levels of business operations.
Enhanced agility
Aligning your business strategy and effort in a rapidly changing market faster and more efficiently.
of leading companies are increasing the pace of their Big Data and AI investments to transform into agile and competitive businesses.

Our Services

Product Discovery

Collecting and analyzing information about your project, its market, and end users allows us to clearly define your project’s goals, scope of work, and limitations as well as assess business opportunities and prepare a solution vision.

Product Design

This is a complex multi-step process at the junction of engineering, management, and graphic design. It provides a comprehensive understanding of what the final product will look and feel like. It also defines what tasks the product will handle and what tools it will use to do so.

Product Engineering

Establish your roadmap and team for a predictable development process. Product engineering allows you to create efficient projects with the latest high-standard technologies and brand-new approaches.
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Maintenance & Support

After the product release, we continue to take care of your solution with regular feature updates and by providing service support, as well as by constantly monitoring and fixing issues to ensure correct operations.

Vendor Change

Hand off a project started by another IT service provider. If you’re having difficulties with your current or previous vendor, we’re here to help. We can get the project code and documentation, fix existing bugs, and find new ways to improve your product.
Evgeniy Solovei
Engineering manager
“We are face to face with an era of information. In just over the last two years . Big Data solutions make all those terabytes of information meaningful.”

Our Expertise

Big Data (Hadoop cluster) Stack
Distributed NoSQL and Graph Databases
Cloud Data Platforms
ETL & OLAP Services
Data Integration Tools

Our Approach


We carefully analyze your business to uncover the best Big Data Solution to satisfy your company needs and boost overall performance.
  • identifying user profile
  • development process overview

Data preparation

We identify all information sources that can help your business reach data-driven decisions. Cataloging data for future analysis.
  • identifying data sources
  • aggregating data

Data exploration

We visualize and break down a complex system of data types, uncovering insights hidden in unstructured data and giving shape to comprehensive analytics.
  • uncovering insight
  • visualizing results

Building architecture

We build an overarching system designed to extract vital business data that results in higher profits and lower risks.
  • smart decision-making
  • powering up productivity


We implement Big Data solutions into your business in a non-disruptive way.
  • data integration
  • data mapping

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Zachodnia 70, 90-403
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