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Customer-oriented FinTech: 10 key trends in 2021

FinTech is a growing industry at the intersection of technology and financial services. This is a powerful incentive for technological progress, which expands its influence on different sectors...
Igor Izraylevych Igor Izraylevych
7 min read

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S-PRO is listed in TOP-100 Companies with Programs for Corporate Social Responsibility by IAOP.

  Recently, the worldwide famous association of outsourcing companies, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, conducted an independent assessment of the capabilities of outsourcing service providers and advisors...
Igor Izraylevych Igor Izraylevych
47 sec read

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How to Develop a Bitcoin Wallet App?

Technological progress continues to smooth borderlines between the virtual and real worlds. Blockchain plays a particular role in this process. Along with regular online...
Avatar Yulia Zorkina
5 min read

S-PRO was recognized as a Top Development Partner in…

Here at S-PRO, we know it can be taxing on any new project to keep up with the latest and greatest software techniques while...
Igor Izraylevych Igor Izraylevych
49 sec read

How to Find Great Blockchain Developers?

Talented blockchain developers are like diamonds: they’re hard to find and expensive to get. Do you have a business idea that requires immediate implementation...
Avatar Yulia Zorkina
7 min read

Key Things to Know Before Developing a Mobile-Only Banking…

Today is featured by the fast transition into the digital world. After the global lockdown, many businesses have started rethinking their processes, and the...
Igor Izraylevych Igor Izraylevych
8 min read

Digital payment innovations in 2020 which simplify business financial…

A customer-centric approach makes businesses and institutions focus on studying customer behavior. This way, we observed how the value of money changed from generation...
Igor Izraylevych Igor Izraylevych
5 min read

How To Implement Blockchain in Supply Chain Management?

At different levels, businesses strive to deploy transparency, fair trade, sustainability in customer purchasing decisions. However, complex and non-integrated supply chain networks make it...
Leonid Koloda Leonid Koloda
4 min read

Big Data In Big Business: How to Use Big…

Today, many companies are facing challenges in adopting data analytics. The digital era requires full compliance of businesses with the new terms and conditions...
Dana Kachan Dana Kachan
4 min read

Why Business Analytics is so Important for Your App…

Let us imagine that you waked up yesterday with an idea of creating new software, that as you think should help you to earn...
Oleg Genaliuk Oleg Genaliuk
3 min read
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What Has Amazed Us on IForum 2019

iForum traditionally is quite a big event, this year was even bigger than I expected. That’s concerning the people who attended it and the number...
Andrii Fisiuk Andrii Fisiuk
1 min read