How To Build Your Own Nearshore Development Team?

If you're new to outsourcing and want to build your first nearshore development team, you might find it challenging. 

In this article, our experts will explain how to set up and manage a nearshore development team and share their experience with this outsourcing type.

Steps to Successful Nearshore Development Team Outsourcing

Here is a brief step-by-step guide on how to get up to speed when you start working with nearshore teams.

1. Preparation 

Before hiring your first nearshore development team, ensure you are well prepared. Get ready with all your business process documentation, a strategic vision and roadmap, and an efficient onboarding plan for new team members.

Also, make sure it’s not a rush period on your project. Thus, the new team will have enough time to dive into context smoothly.   

2. Choose Outsourcing Vendor

First, research job markets in neighboring countries to understand their average pricing. Next, determine the number of new workers required.

If you need a few specialists for short-term collaboration, you can go for freelance marketplaces and hire independent contractors. However, if you’re seeking specialists for the long term or want to involve an entire dedicated team, consider outsourcing vendors. They will provide you with top experts at an affordable price, handle all administrative issues, and replace some workers if necessary. 

Are you looking for a nearshore custom software development team in Europe? Then, S-PRO is here to help you! Contact us, and we will free up your time by forming a nearshore team of skilled specialists at your request. 

3. Set Up Communication Channels

Don’t underestimate the importance of communication when working with remote teams. Agree on communication channels and ensure all team members have corporate accounts with the necessary permissions. Also, establish business hours when you expect everyone to be online.

4. Getting On Track 

Do not expect too much from your new team from the start. Instead, give them time to dive deeper into your project, get to know each other, and establish mutual trust. Such an investment will pay off with outstanding performance.

According to Tuckman's theory, every team goes through forming, storming, and norming before reaching the performing stage. The same applies to remote teams, so let the hired specialists take their time to adjust. 

How To Manage Nearshore Development Team?

After hiring, onboarding, and training your new team, it’s time to maintain their efficiency. Here are some tips based on S-PRO experience.

Build Strong Culture

Ensure your nearshore development team feels supported. Create a sense of belonging by organizing team-building activities and encouraging communication. 

Provide Feedback And Recognition

Offer regular feedback on individual and team performance. Also, motivate good work by giving rewards and incentives. Your team members will thank you with an even better performance. 

Trust Your Team and Avoid Micromanaging

Indeed, maintaining control over remote workers is tricky. However, you should give your team enough autonomy and let them make their own decisions. Such an approach will increase their sense of responsibility and ownership, boosting their performance. Establish a comfortable reporting system for your remote team, whether it's daily meetings, weekly check-ins, or monitoring the Jira board, or else.  

An Example Of a Successful Nearshore Development Team Outsourcing Project

Now, let us showcase an excellent digital product that S-PRO experts helped develop — Ad Astra, a meditation and mindfulness app.

How To Build Your Own Nearshore Development Team? - photo 2

Thanks to the efforts of seven specialists, the MVP launch took nine months. Starting from scratch, the project covered business analysis, UI/UX design, frontend and backend development, mobile development, quality assurance, and maintenance. 

In Ad Astra, users can experience various guided meditations, including education, sleep, and relaxation. The interface design fully reflects the app's purpose, ensuring that nothing would distract customers from their practices. A user can create playlists, set goals, and add notes. Also, it allows uploading audio tracks for meditation and monetizing them. 


In this article, S-PRO experts provided tips on collaboration in a nearshore format based on our rich experience. All in all, building and managing a successful nearshore development team requires thorough preparation, communication, and trust.

If you need a reliable outsourcing partner, reach out to S-PRO. We can set up a nearshore development team in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, and others countries to help you reach your development goals. Contact us – and let's get started!


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