Development time
9 months
Team size
7 professionals

Ad Astra is an app for meditation and personal development that provides quality meditation courses and audio tracks. The platform also assists talented people in distributing their content.


The Brief

Our client loves helping people in the field of personal development. When he came to S-PRO, he was looking for a way to enable many people to enjoy the benefits of personal growth and meditation by developing a solid app as well as an easy-to-use partner panel that would allow partners to distribute their content.


We held brainstorming sessions with the client to discuss his vision for the product. Planning was an important stage of this project, as we needed to structure all the information we received from the client.

Our client had initial designs sketched up, and our design team discussed them and improved them during the planning stage.


React Native


Business Analysis
UI/UX Design
Project Management
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Mobile Development
Quality Assurance

Management Methodology

  • SCRUM artifacts
  • Two-week sprints
  • Dream meetings
  • Planning
  • Sprint retrospectives



Our team developed a user-friendly application for people who want quality meditation tracks. The meditation section of the app provides courses and solo tracks and offers a wide variety of categories.

The journal section of the app is focused on personal development, with a workbook style format. After completing a “worksheet”, a user can do a meditation related to that worksheet.


We created a concise, minimalist design so nothing distracts users from listening to playlists. The design is focused on making the app simple as well as visually appealing and enjoyable for users.


We also developed an administrative section for producers who have their own meditation content and want to monetize it.


Our client does not have his own content, but the Ad Astra application offers unique content from various authors.

Our client launched a landing page that describes the application and brings in cold traffic.

Future Plans

Our client is waiting for feedback from end users of the app to seehow it can be improved as well as to understand what type of content users would like.

Feedback from the Client

What do you like most about the completed project?

I like the way the communication between myself and S-PRO has been very quick. Any questions were answered quickly and any issues were quickly resolved. I am glad that S-PRO focuses on customer satisfaction, as this makes the quality of the service they provide excellent.

I also like the flexibility that S-PRO offers. Since more improvements came along throughout the development stage, they were quickly able to gather the resources to get those improvements done in good time.

What are your impressions of the S-PRO team?

The entire team was dedicated to providing the best customer service and put a lot of effort into working towards producing the best possible app.

The S-PRO team is very supportive, helpful and easy to work with. It was a pleasure working with S-PRO and I am very glad that I chose them.

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