The right technology stack for the right mobile app is like a recipe. (Video)

The right technology stack for the right mobile app is like a recipe. (Video)

Developing a piece of software — no matter what form it takes, like an application or website — usually involves combining many different technologies and programming languages to produce the finished product.


Designed by the best Business Analysts and Team Leads at S-PRO, this comprehensive guide will help you make critical decisions. 

Let's look at How To Choose The Right Tech Stack For Your Project:

  • Purpose of your application

The purpose and requirements of your application will determine what technology stack you should use. For example, one can go for JavaScript and React if the goal is to create a dynamic app that works with real-time data—and delivers an engaging UI/UX.

  • Time of production

Using the proper framework can help you develop applications faster and with higher quality. Kotlin is one such framework; it's more efficient than Java at developing apps.

  • Cost

The cost of using a cross-platform app development technology stack is usually less than that of using separate tools for different platforms.

  • Scalability

Scaling an app is a goal of every business, but it can be challenging. However, using the right technology can allow you to expand your software safely and quickly.

  • Performance

Consider performance when choosing a tech stack. For example, if you need to build a high-performance app, you may go with native stacks; cross-platform apps help maintain less demanding projects. Learn more in the video and in our blog!

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