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The primary objective of any business is to optimize decision-making processes, and robust data warehousing helps you achieve this goal. At S-PRO, we consolidate diverse data sources, delivering enhanced business intelligence, time savings, and improved data quality.

Our Data Warehousing Services

Do you need to organize data from various sources, migrate it, or get a professional advisory? Our data warehouse company helps big and small firms with the entire spectrum of related support. Find out what you get from implementing our data warehousing services.
Data Warehouse Implementation
Data modeling and design
Development and implementation of ETL processes
Data integration and loading
Performance tuning and optimization
Creating and maintaining a metadata repository
Implementation of security measures and access controls
Ensuring industry-specific compliance
Integration with business intelligence tools
Testing of the data warehouse and quality assurance
Data Warehouse Migration
Existing data warehouse evaluation and dependence analysis
Migration strategy, risk assessment, and planning
Data profiling, cleansing, and transforming
Schema mapping and transformation rules
ETL (extract, transform, load) migration
Data movement and synchronization
Performance testing and optimization
Thorough testing to validate the migrated data accuracy and consistency
Data Warehouse Optimization
Analysis of the existing data warehouse performance
Performance insights and areas for improvement
Evaluation and optimization of database indexing strategies
Implementing partitioning techniques
SQL query optimization
Employing data archiving and purging strategies
User concurrency management
Hardware and configuration optimization
Caching and materialized views
Data Warehouse Advisory Services
Current assessment of data warehouse infrastructure
Business alignment and requirements gathering
Evaluation of existing data warehouse technologies
Selecting appropriate platforms or tools
Data governance and compliance framework
Scalability assessment, roadmap for future infrastructure needs
Best practices for data modeling, ETL, indexing, and query optimization
Training and skill development
Data Warehouse Support and Maintenance
Issue detection and incident management
Routine maintenance tasks planning
Performance monitoring and optimization
Data quality management
Addressing user queries and issues and accessing requests
Resource utilization trend monitoring and capacity planning
Security audits and compliance checks
Data Warehouse as a Service
Managed infrastructure
Automated resource provisioning on demand
Integration with data sources, BI tools, and data analytics infrastructure
Automated ETL (extract, transform, and load) processes
Built-in security and compliance
Dynamic resource scaling and performance optimization
Automated updates and maintenance

6 Reasons for Data Warehousing

Why do you need to partner with a data warehouse company? The whole point lies in the numerous advantages of these services for your business — from cost-effectiveness to excellent performance and scalability. Let's consider them in detail.
Better Performance
Access the latest technologies, hardware, and software enhancements to improve performance and efficiency. Data warehouse services allow you to distribute workloads across locations and clusters. Using modern infrastructure speeds up the transformation of raw data into actionable insights. That means you swiftly respond to changing market conditions, emerging opportunities, and evolving customer needs.
Process Automation
Enhanced Scalability
Impressive Elasticity
Data Access Consolidation

Our Data Warehouse Development Process

Duration 2+ months
A team of 3-5 professionals
Initially, we schedule a call to know your data warehousing needs. It's crucial to discuss data sources, types, and integration points. We gather business requirements to define the scope, objectives, and success criteria.
Then, we create a conceptual and logical model of the data warehouse architecture, including entities, relationships, and attributes. Our specialists design the structure to efficiently store and organize data for reporting and analysis.
S-PRO extracts data from source systems, transforms it into the desired format through cleaning, filtering, and aggregating, and loads it into the data warehouse. Download methods should be accurate and narrowly targeted, addressing specific objectives.
At this stage, we conduct thorough testing to validate data accuracy, performance, and adherence to business requirements. We ensure that transformed data maintains consistency across dimensions and attributes.
Finally, we deploy the ready data warehouse solution to the production environment. Another task is to ensure capabilities for efficient report generation and analysis. We implement a maintenance plan for regular updates, performance monitoring, and issue addressing.

Our Tech Stacks for Data Warehouse Development

Cloud Platforms
Data Integration
Data Visualization
Big Data
Machine Learning for Data Warehousing Company

Facts about S-PRO

Team members
Projects delivered
MVPs converted into solutions
Countires / Offices worldwide
6 / 8

Why Customers Choose Us

Experience and Expertise
S-PRO is a team of professionals specializing in data warehouse technologies, encompassing data modeling, ETL processes, and performance optimization. We implement best practices and industry standards to deliver high-quality results. Our company has a proven track record of successful solutions for startups, SBMs, and enterprises in fintech, renewable energy, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, logistics, and other domains.
Data Security and Compliance
With S-PRO, you shouldn't worry about unauthorized access or data breaches. We implement robust security protocols to safeguard sensitive data within the data warehouse. For example, we use encryption, access controls, and authentication mechanisms. Our specialists guarantee compliance with data protection laws like GDPR and industry-specific regulations like HIPAA or PCI DSS.
Agile Approach
S-PRO employs iterative development cycles, allowing for continuous feedback and refinement. We easily accommodate changes in project scope, technology, or business priorities, ensuring that the data warehouse aligns with evolving needs. The Agile approach helps us address issues as soon as they arise, lowering time and budget costs. Regular sprint reviews and constant communication keep you aware of all project nuances.
Customization and Flexibility
S-PRO understands that one size does not fit all in the context of a data warehousing service. We craft solutions specifically tailored to your needs, considering your business objectives and processes. At the same time, our flexibility allows us to adapt quickly to changing needs, whether it involves modifying data models, adjusting ETL processes, or incorporating new data sources.
Convenient Time Zone
With headquarters in Switzerland, additional representations in the Netherlands and the USA, and R&D centers in Poland and Ukraine, we seamlessly engage with clients worldwide. This ensures that key project meetings, discussions, and updates will be scheduled at times convenient for all parties. Similar time zones lead to faster decision-making and timely support, minimizing downtime and addressing issues promptly.
End-to-End Solutions
Our company serves as a single point for the entire data warehouse project. From initial consultation and planning to development, migration, optimization, and ongoing support, we support you at every stage of your software journey. With end-to-end control over the project, S-PRO maintains consistent quality standards, resulting in a cohesive and robust data warehouse solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider implementing a data warehouse if your organization deals with large volumes of diverse data from many sources. Especially if you face challenges of obtaining timely and accurate information and want to improve the decision-making process with the help of consolidated, organized, and easily accessible data.
A database is a structured data collection organized for efficient retrieval and modification, typically focusing on transactional processing. А data warehouse is a specialized database designed for analytical processing, consolidating, and organizing data from various sources. It supports complex queries, reporting, and data analysis for decision-making purposes.
The implementation time can vary significantly based on the complexity of your data ecosystem, the scale of data integration required, and the chosen technology stack. Our data warehouse company needs a few months for smaller and less complex implementations and a year or more for a comprehensive deployment.

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