Healthcare CRM Software Development: Benefits & Key Features

Healthcare CRM is a rapidly expanding sector in web development; this is in part because as more hospitals modernize their systems, there are many that need a company they can rely on.

S-PRO has been consistently rated one of the top web development companies in the West and is now expanding to healthcare CRM. We have over 250 employees across Europe, ready to help you with healthcare CRM solutions.

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What Is A Healthcare CRM Platform?

CRM stands for Customer Relations Management, and in healthcare, your “customers” are past, present, and future patients. With CRM systems for healthcare, every single interaction can be guided through automation as well as recorded for compliance; this can include appointments, pharmacy, referrals, telehealth, in-person visits, and more. All of this is securely protected in the cloud.

A medical facility using a healthcare CRM platform operates much more efficiently and can help their patients with better accuracy and in a more timely fashion. Hospital supervisors can also utilize their data to better understand their patients as well as target marketing for other services.

Healthcare CRM is therefore a natural evolution in the modernization of medicine.

S-PRO Healthcare CRM development services

S-PRO is offering the entire range of healthcare CRM development, from design to launch and beyond. As a leading developer in fintech we are highly cognizant of the privacy and security needs these systems demand. We are a team of specialists who have come together to share our expertise with the medical facilities of the world.
Full-cycle competencies
We begin with a free evaluation and proposed solution, which includes both a minimum as well as maximum budget estimate. Once you have accepted our proposal, our expert developers then work diligently to complete your system, on budget and on time.
Works on any platform
S-PRO CRM systems are designed to connect patients and providers from any desktop, mobile, or tablet, Mac or PC. Built-in encryption methods work seamlessly in the background to authenticate and protect these private connections. It’s as easy as dialing the phone or clicking a link.
Integrates with existing systems
You don’t need to start from scratch; we’ll connect the dots to make all your healthcare software systems work together in harmony. This includes EHR, PMS, RMS, patient portals, appointment setting, and both video and audio.
Custom CRM Development
Is your hospital or medical practice starting from scratch or have special requirements? No problem. S-PRO will work with you to develop a custom CRM solution that checks all your boxes.
  • Adaptable to changing requirements. Our agile method allows for growth and corrections.
  • Custom APIs to connect whatever tools you require.
  • Integrate with third-party apps or ecommerce to completely streamline your system.
  • Automation software and CMS integrations make communications and scheduling a breeze.
  • Migration solutions for legacy CRM makes sure you don’t leave any data behind.
  • Analytics shows you how well your tools are working for you and how you can better improve your services.
Custom CRM is not an insurmountable challenge. In fact, it is highly desirable as you can have better control over your data and software.
Specializing in medical CRM development
We understand how hospitals work and the tools practitioners and their support staff need in order to do their job. We deliver a system that is intuitive, yet secure and fully compliant. It’s this trifecta of promises that makes S-PRO one of the most coveted development companies in the healthcare space today.
Integration with EHR
Get more out of your EHR and EMR systems by integrating with medical CRM. This will allow for better insights and ultimately improve patient outcomes.
What We Offer
Dedicated HCRM Solution
S-PRO will design, develop, and deliver a dedicated healthcare CRM software solution that is tailored to your specific needs. You are in charge of its direction and scope.
What We Offer
HIPAA & GDPR Compliance
Compliance is essential in medical software, otherwise you could be fined or shut down. S-PRO will ensure the privacy and safety of the system by adhering to HIPAA and GDPR compliance guidelines as well as using the highest levels of security possible.
What We Offer
EHR/EMR Integrations
EHR/EMR are integral components that most hospitals already have set up. By integrating with a medical CRM, you can eliminate duplicate data and increase patient satisfaction with tailored marketing campaigns that also help with retention.
What We Offer
Smooth Cloud Migration
Transitioning to the cloud doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. S-PRO will do all the heavy lifting in the background so your team won’t notice any delays or inconveniences. Security is of course paramount and will be included in the process.

Key Features Of Healthcare CRM Software

While there are many options, most healthcare CRM software have similar offerings. These include:
  • Centralized patient information. This makes it both more secure as well as accessible to all who need it.
  • Ability to schedule appointments. Keeping track of medical personnel availability as well as patient capacity is highly complex. Automated solutions can help you keep everything in sync.
  • Patient portal. Allows patients to access their medical records, contact a practitioner, and/or schedule appointments increases satisfaction and helps with their overall wellness.
  • Automated follow-ups. Making sure a patient is taking their medications and following through with their doctor’s instructions is a vital part of the process that can easily be scheduled with the system.
  • Detailed reports for performance evaluation. Find out where you are encountering problems with staffing or diagnoses before they escalate.
  • Integration with marketing. An underutilized feature in many hospitals, targeted marketing helps you reach more patients that will be receptive to other services.
  • Coordination with provider schedules. A doctor’s schedule can be erratic and complicated. With a CRM for clinics you can easily see availability and schedule with just a few clicks.
  • Patient medications can be reviewed, approved, and sent to pharmacies for prescriptions.
  • Integration with EHR/EMR. As mentioned earlier, medical records integration helps patients receive better care as they can be securely reviewed, transferred, and shared with other specialists.

Benefits Of A Healthcare CRM System

With all this important medical information coordinated and automated, there are many benefits of having a healthcare CRM system. Some of these include:
  • A better understanding of patient behavior and the ability to find areas where your hospital or practice needs an upgrade.
  • You can help improve patient outcomes through automated services, faster diagnoses, and synchronized care.
  • Increase patient satisfaction by providing more personalized, thorough interactions and appointments.
  • Enhance target marketing for other patient services.
  • Refine overall efficiency. Less bureaucracy, fewer input errors, faster communications, and real-time insights into services will make both your staff and their clients breathe easier.
  • Makes your healthcare service more patient-focused. First and foremost, healthcare is about helping people. A medical CRM reduces the distractions and helps you deliver the best medical advice you can.

Why choose S-PRO for your healthcare CRM solution development?

S-PRO has been offering development services since 2014, specializing in fintech and now branching out into healthcare. We are using our years of experience to create highly secure and compliant healthcare CRM solutions from scratch.
  • These systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. This includes telehealth calls.
  • They only include the features you need.
How do we know what you need? We follow our standard process for every client.
  • Ideation phase, where we discuss your processes and our team of experts come up with solutions to your problems.
  • Design Sprint methodology helps us get the project up and running quickly.
  • Development and testing, which continues after product launch.
  • The result is fully integrated, fully compliant software that unites all your healthcare services.

Our Healthcare Portfolio

Healthtech ecosystem for doctors and medical staff
Hospital management software (HMS) allows instant access to all patient information, simplifies planning and communication among doctors, and improves the efficiency of the healthcare industry.
Our healthcare software development agency has created a medical solution that encourages interaction between users and makes data more streamlined and organized. Hubspring is an easy-to-use, security-enhanced application that avoids leaking patients’ personal information. Being not only a messenger but also a secure storage, Hubspring allows clinics and hospitals to store medical records electronically. We continue to support Hubspring and are constantly looking for ways to improve it with best practices and innovative solutions.
Custom medical software for sharing COVID-19 test results
Healthxain is a blockchain-based healthcare data management application that allows users to share their COVID-19 test results with appropriate organizations.
Our medical software development company developed a mobile and web application that is ready to be tested in a proof of concept environment in a city of 39,000. This healthcare product has become a valuable solution for protecting people during the pandemic. We are still working on integrating the project with more healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and restaurants as well as adding more useful features.
Chemistry database software for global scientific research
Zync is a database and search tool that helps chemists plan, accelerate, and visualize research. It also improves communication among scientists.
We created the interface of a tool for systematizing, visualizing, and storing chemical data and processes that is used by scientists from our client’s company. Its mechanics are based on artificial intelligence, so the machine can select and recommend a molecule, offer search options, or apply a suitable formula. The client received an interactive database with a full-fledged intelligent search engine.
Emergency assistance call system for people with health limitations
The Libify healthcare software solution provides an emergency call service for people in poor health and seniors in need of special care. The service provides help ASAP, giving customers a feeling of safety and freedom wherever they are.
We developed a cross-platform app to ensure seamless navigation across devices and enhance care provision for people with health limitations, providing instant access to emergency services in times of need. The app includes features like GPS tracking and battery safety mode to ensure reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare CRM software is a software platform that encompasses all the needs of a hospital or other medical facility. This includes not only setting appointments and coordinating schedules but analytics and marketing tools to help improve outcomes and increase satisfaction.
Healthcare CRM helps you manage the entire cycle of patient care in one secure location. This will ensure growth and greater efficiency across your entire operation. It will also help you stay compliant with the myriad of regulations that govern medical practices.
Developing a system that is compliant and secure is a challenge in every sector. However, in medicine, you are also dealing with patient rights, private medical information, and indeed human lives. It is crucial you have a CRM that is stable and up-to-date with the latest protocols. It is therefore imperative that you hire a development team with the knowledge and experience to tackle these issues for you.

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Heroiv UPA 71, 79000
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