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At S-PRO, we develop easy-to-use and highly functional mobile patient healthcare apps that put the power in the hands of the user. Our apps facilitate a safe and convenient virtual meeting space for patients, doctors, pharmacists, and hospital administration. Our healthcare mobile app development company deploys the latest healthcare technology to improve patient data availability, speed up diagnosis, and improve patient results.

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S-PRO healthcare software developers combine in-depth market research, cutting-edge technologies, and hands-on experience to build modern software solutions for healthcare projects.

Healthcare Mobile Application in Brief

If you want to build a mobile healthcare app, also known as an mHealth app, there has never been a better time to do it. Demand for technology-enabled healthcare tools is on the rise. The market is growing and that means the opportunity to grow your revenue is up.

The two main types of healthcare tools showing the biggest growth are telehealth and remote patient monitoring. As these technologies become more reliable and the network of parties that use them increases, demand for software and hardware like wearables will continue to rise.

Most forward-looking clinics, hospitals, and doctor practices have realized that there are efficiencies to be gained from adopting medical mobile app development solutions. However, it is not simply for efficiency, there are many other benefits like safety, cost savings, and legislative compliance.

Enhance Your Healthcare IT with Our Comprehensive Mobile App Development Solutions

The number of benefits is plentiful. Hospitals can:

  • Improve their workflow
  • Reach new patients who they would not otherwise have treated
  • Save money
  • Optimize their labor force

Compliance is a major source of worry for organizations looking to adopt telemedicine solutions. Healthcare mobile application development company must understand and comply with the steep requirements for international compliance standards when creating solutions. It is often said that good healthcare apps need to be:

  • Compliant with regulations
  • Comprehensive and feature-rich
  • Connected with excellent uptime
  • Confidential and safe

As far as compliance, organizations need to be compliant with regulations like HIPAA, which means that medical mobile app solutions must be built with these requirements in mind. Healthcare mobile apps must also comply with the HITECH Act, which relates to the stringent security requirements needed to keep in step with HIPAA-based privacy and security rules.

While the two regulations mentioned above are US-based requirements, the GDPR rules from Europe list the EU’s requirements for special protection for sensitive information. Within the UK, the Data Protection Act of 1988 ensures data privacy. At S-PRO, we are fully conversant with the statutes of each of these pieces of legislation.

Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Services Cover a Range of App Types

At S-PRO, we develop a wide range of apps. Even if we do not produce a certain type of app like a heartrate monitor, our healthcare mobile application development teams ensure excellent and seamless integration with third-party apps of this nature.

Patient-centric Apps

The patient experience is at the heart of every good medical mobile application development solution. Some of the most important features include functions like appointment scheduling. Patient portals are a big part of a good telehealth app feature list as they facilitate access to patient health records, lab tests results, and important prescription information.

There are many more types of apps that are designed to specifically collect patient information. These might include vital signs monitoring like blood pressure, pulse, and blood glucose levels. Other apps focus on ensuring that healthy habits are being followed, such as water intake tracking, calorie calculators, and activity tracking.

Medical Professional Apps

Busy medical professionals can always use extra help to perform actions such as managing appointments, diagnosing off-site patients, as well as off-site patient monitoring of vitals. Additionally, doctors require mHealth app development solutions for items like medical networking and educational and training applications.

Apps for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers bring everything together in medical mobile app development solutions. They are often in control of overall EMR/EHR systems. They perform essential in-between functions that put patients in touch with doctors. These might include prescription management, medical records, appointment scheduling, billing information, insurance details, and much more.

S-PRO Team
S-PRO helps technology-based companies scale through the creation of new products and internal processes. Our core competency is development of web and mobile applications that embody global ideas, improve user experience and expand our clients' business.

Our Healthcare Mobile Application Development Services

Technology Consultation

We deploy our expert consultants to discuss the requirements for technology implementation. This could include app development, cloud migration, system enhancement, or anything else. Using our deep experience, we take note of your organizational maturity and strategic preferences to give you the best advice.

Healthcare Mobile App

We offer healthcare mobile application development solutions that come with market-leading features like hassle-free appointment booking, payment portals, EHR management, secure conferencing and messaging, and off-site diagnosis.

Medical Appointment App

Often seen as the most essential app to get organizations used to the idea of telehealth, we offer appointment scheduling apps for small-scale medical practitioners, private clinics, and large hospitals. These come with reminders and push notifications, as well as an in-built calendar, which is essential in an mHealth app.

mPrescription App

Our electronic prescription app allows for orderly prescription management that eradicates prescription fulfillment errors. The app takes into account important information such as allergy information and a history of vitals.

Healthcare Web Application Development

Our healthcare mobile app development company develops user-friendly and responsive web applications with provable high uptime and low latency. Be it a patient portal, appointment booking system, chat function, or medical visit history, our software developers can bring it to life.

Laboratory Management App

We can develop apps for labs that service a key diagnostic function before the patient appointment. Included in the app are important features like sample tracking, appointment setting, lab result sharing, and much more.

Mobile EHR

Our mobile healthcare software development services include apps with full regulatory compliance that can be shared with doctors, patients, and pharmacists. Additional functionality to be included in mHealth app development includes prescription information, treatment notes, and recurring consultation information.

Technologies We Use for Healthcare App Development Services

We make sure that our medical mobile app development solutions are compatible with major technologies like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Web, Linux, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more.

As far as communication APIs, we are fully conversant with common platforms such as OpenTock, Sendbird, and Twilio, to mention but a few. It goes without saying that our software developers are fully conversant with major programming languages such as Java, Flutter, React Native, and Python.

We comply with Agile development best practices, meaning our developers are in constant communication with you and your team to make sure that coding is done with complete transparency and buy-in.

It all comes from our ability to offer comprehensive app development services that range from business analysis, seamless UI/UX design, cutting-edge web development and healthcare mobile application development, quality control, project management, and support.

Product Discovery
In the product discovery section, we spend time understanding what you expect from your healthcare mobile app. Our healthcare mobile app developers will clarify the requirements and specifications you are looking for. No detail is too small. Once we understand your needs, we will provide you with a blueprint of the languages and technologies we will use while developing your app. We will produce a mockup that contains the basic details of your app and can act as a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).
Once we have your signoff on the work done so far, it is time to share the roadmap of the rest of the healthcare mobile application development journey. Our healthcare mobile app developers will present you a project plan indicating the key milestones of the mHealth app building process.
In this phase, we take the specifics you gave in the product discovery phase and go about designing the app you want. There are so many design options available, but we like to stay as close as possible to the product you had in mind.
During the healthcare mobile application development journey, our experienced teams use all their skills to deliver the best product. Using coding best practices, we stick to the project plans and design briefs you provided, while keeping key milestones front of mind.
Quality Assurance and Testing
We deploy the most advanced methods to test your platform to make sure it is being built on a solid foundation. We test it on all the major devices and operating systems. First, we conduct unit testing, which is a process to check that all coding results in the expected functions. Then, we carry out beta testing, which checks for performance issues such as link integrity, performance speed, page responsiveness, and much more.
Once the product is ready to go to market, we support you by providing rapid changes or updates required to load your telehealth app on app marketplaces. We look out for bugs and monitor the performance of servers, all in a bid to ensure that your app is performing in the real world as designed.
Why Choose S-PRO For Your Healthcare Mobile App Development

At S-PRO, we believe that the patient experience is at the heart of mHealth app development. As such, we understand how to design and develop healthcare medical apps that have intuitive user experience and pleasing design interfaces.

Going deeper, our experience with other healthcare app development projects has taught us the enduring importance of creating apps that put patient privacy first. We always ensure we are complying with the latest health regulations and our background tools are built on excellent coding best practices with an eye on security.

Healthcare Mobile Application Development Portfolio

Hospital management software (HMS) allows instant access to all patient information, simplifies planning and communication among doctors, and improves the efficiency of the healthcare industry.

Our healthcare software development agency has created a medical solution that encourages interaction between users and makes data more streamlined and organized. Hubspring is an easy-to-use, security-enhanced application that avoids leaking patients’ personal information. Being not only a messenger but also a secure storage, Hubspring allows clinics and hospitals to store medical records electronically. We continue to support Hubspring and are constantly looking for ways to improve it with best practices and innovative healthcare software solutions.

Custom medical software for sharing COVID-19 test results

Healthxain is a blockchain-based healthcare data management application that allows users to share their COVID-19 test results with appropriate organizations.

Our medical software development company developed a mobile and web application that is ready to be tested in a proof of concept environment in a city of 39,000. This healthcare product has become a valuable solution for protecting people during the pandemic. We are still working on integrating the project with more healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and restaurants as well as adding more useful features.

Zync is a database and search tool that helps chemists plan, accelerate, and visualize research. It also improves communication among scientists.

We created the interface of a tool for systematizing, visualizing, and storing chemical data and processes that is used by scientists from our client’s company. Its mechanics are based on artificial intelligence, so the machine can select and recommend a molecule, offer search options, or apply a suitable formula. The client received an interactive database with a full-fledged intelligent search engine.

Emergency assistance call system for people with health limitations

The Libify healthcare software solution provides an emergency call service for people in poor health and seniors in need of special care. The service provides help ASAP, giving customers a feeling of safety and freedom wherever they are.

We developed a cross-platform app to ensure seamless navigation across devices and enhance care provision for people with health limitations, providing instant access to emergency services in times of need. The app includes features like GPS tracking and battery safety mode to ensure reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a healthcare mobile app?

The process starts with product discovery. This is where you spend time working out what your healthcare app will do for your organization.

The next step is roadmapping, where you sign off on the project and formulate a project plan indicating the key milestones.

Design and development come next. These crucial steps are where your software development partner proves their worth by applying your requirements to a strong design and then delivering the project.

After that, you enter the quality assurance and testing phase where your software development partner tests your platform for performance issues.

Finally, it is time to launch. This is where you deploy the product to market.

How are mobile applications used in healthcare?

Building a telemedicine app comes with variable costs drawn from hardware purchases, software, licensing, and data storage.

Developing a telehealth system takes comprehensive planning and analysis. A good idea for the average cost of a telemedicine app ranges from $30,000 to $150,000.

The more features you load, the higher the price will go. There is so much to decide upon before you can reach the final price. It is always best to consult with a software development partner like S-PRO to get an accurate amount.

Cost of healthcare mobile app development

Having a good project leadership team is one of the most important factors in telemedicine app development solutions. The project lead should have technical skills and experience from previous projects.

They are supported by a project manager who is responsible for the day to day running of things and making sure the budget and deliverables stay in scope.

Analysis and development teams are highly technical and contain people like an application analyst who aligns the ideas and concepts of what the healthcare organization wants and what can be done.

They are supported by an application development team that designs and implements applications according to the specifications of the client.

Other important roles include quality assurance teams, information technology leads, super users, and change champions.

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    Zug, Switzerland
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    R&D Centers
    Lodz, Poland
    Zachodnia 70, 90-403
    Lviv, Ukraine
    Heroiv UPA 71, 79000
    Kyiv, Ukraine
    Verkhnii Val St, 24, 04071
    Business Representatives
    Salt Lake City, USA
    Kiln SLC, 26 S Rio Grande St, UT 84101
    Austin, USA
    11801 Domain blvd., 3rd Fl, Austin, TX 78758
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Science Park 608, 1098 XH