Telemedicine App Development Company: Planning, Sourcing, and Costs

At S-PRO, our software experts provide comprehensive telemedicine app development solutions for organizations looking to improve their workflow. Our teams create custom apps that put patient and healthcare provider needs first. Whether we roll out a new solution or augment an existing one, our robust telemedicine solutions can enhance any system.
Healthcare Consultant
Kateryna Askarova
S-PRO healthcare software developers combine in-depth market research, cutting-edge technologies, and hands-on experience to build modern software solutions for healthcare projects.

Telemedicine App Development In Brief

At our telemedicine app development company, a telehealth app development starts with the Discovery Phase.

Once the project is greenlit, our skilled business analysts research the market and collect the latest user expectations for a telemedicine app. We work on the project roadmap, which includes settling on a timeline, a budget, and clear project goals. These guidelines will provide our development teams with the project deliverables they must observe.

While we develop your app, our best software developers will work in highly collaborative teams where your requirements are front of mind. Our telemedicine app development company has hand-picked and groomed top quality business analysts, regulatory experts, UI and UX designers, DevOps engineers, front and back end telemedicine app developers, and project managers to bring your app to life.

During the prototype stage, we present you with a working model of how the app will look. We take your feedback and recommendations throughout the process. Our methods are fluid, flexible, and responsive. We operate with speed and accuracy because we know that you want to take part in the new wave of telemedicine as soon as possible.

Once the telemedicine app development solution is ready, we put it through real-life testing. Our quality assurance teams check for speed and performance in market conditions. After launching your app on the big day, we will still be there to provide after-launch support in case there are any bugs or if you need upgrades based on user feedback.

Telemedicine App Features

Core Telemedicine App Features

Patient portal – This is where basic processes like patient registration happen. Upfront details such as patient questionnaires and details of any symptoms are loaded. Medical history and clinical details can also be loaded. Some apps have a payment gateway that allows patients to settle their accounts easily.

Provider portal – Here, medical practitioners can manage patient appointments and scheduling details. They can perform virtual consultations, chat with patients, analyze their clinical data, and arrive at a diagnosis.

Video conference – With the advent of reliable high quality video and audio with low latency, patients and doctors can now discuss the patient’s case virtually. Safety is paramount, and this feature must contain the best encryption to avoid unwanted third parties entering the call.

Chat feature – Patients are now accustomed to using text services in other areas of their lives. Direct messaging using social media is an accepted norm, so it is a welcome addition to the telemedicine world where patients and doctors can send short-form texts to each other.

Cloud database – Telemedicine apps must be cloud-enabled. This secure method is the modern standard for storing high volumes of confidential files. Therefore, integration with cloud infrastructure is non-negotiable for a telemedicine app.

User access control – In keeping with safety measures, apps must now be able to verify user identification for both doctors and patients.

Advanced Telemedicine App Features

These features may not be found in all telemedicine apps, but as telehealth matures and patients come to expect more from telemedicine apps, the feature list is growing.

Many apps now have detailed profiles of doctors and practitioners so patients can read their resumes before making a booking. Group chats are important and are becoming more popular as patients might need to be in the same virtual room with more than one medical professional. Prescription services are getting more advanced as prescriptions can now be linked directly to the patient’s pharmacy of choice.

Some apps now integrate geo-locations for vulnerable patients who might need to be tracked during emergencies. Other advanced features include video recording functionality so patients can send recorded messages to doctors. Some apps contain advanced features like medication trackers, lab integrations, and insurance company integrations.

Benefits of Telemedicine Software Development

Improved Patient Outcomes

Patients are able to get access to their records and speak to doctors from the convenience of their own homes. However, it is not simply about convenience, the power of the system comes when doctors can analyze patient data and spot trends that allow them to make more informed diagnoses.

Decreased Transportation Costs For Patients

Gone are the days when patients need to travel to a medical facility. In rural communities, distances can be vast. Even in urban settings, the disruption of an unwell patient traveling on crowded public transport is highly uncomfortable.

Reduced Hospital Staffing Costs

Efficient telemedicine apps remove a lot of manual work that has been part of traditional practices for decades. Therefore, there is more to it than simply reducing staff numbers. It is more about optimizing staff so that there are no resource shortages and the staff who are there do not get burnt out.

Increased Patient Access To Specialists

It is a common challenge for patients to access in-demand specialists. Long waiting times frustrate patients and expose them to pain and suffering. Telemedicine apps allow busy specialists to attend to many more patients than before.

Improved Efficiency For Practices

Overall efficiency goes through the roof with a properly installed and managed telemedicine system. With more control over their workflow, doctors can book optimally, leading to the best use of their time. This has downstream effects on the whole operation as support structures such as diagnostics and administration are never too busy or not busy enough. Hire our telemedicine app development company to ensure that all these benefits are delivered to your application.

S-PRO Team
S-PRO helps technology-based companies scale through the creation of new products and internal processes. Our core competency is development of web and mobile applications that embody global ideas, improve user experience and expand our clients' business.

S-PRO Telehealth Solutions

Providing telehealth website development services, we create telehealth solutions with a broad range of applications. Our apps can be deployed in many different fields depending on their feature list and functional architecture. The following are some examples of how key features of our apps can be deployed.

Meetings And Consultations

Using audio-visual tools, we can facilitate first-time appointments, online check-ups, and emergency consultations.

Creating Health Records

Using custom recording functions, practitioners can log patient symptoms and vitals to build a medical history.

Remote Monitoring

By integrating with wearables and other monitoring devices, our apps can keep track of vital signs for trends and abnormalities.


By prioritizing interoperability, we ensure that our apps integrate smoothly with third-party LIS, RIS, and EHR systems.


Our telemedicine app development company uses advanced integration capabilities and AI-driven tools to connect with third-party diagnostic and imaging platforms.


Through our chat functionality, patients can communicate with medical practitioners and hospital administrators.


Our push notifications allow for prescription renewals and medication intake reminders.

Telemedicine App Consulting Services

At S-PRO, we have a powerful set of consulting services that will take you from the initial fact-finding consultation to a powerful app that works in your marketplace. As part of our telemedicine application development services, we can create our telehealth app features to your specifications after performing a detailed needs analysis.

We look at your technology stack before designing the app architecture. Using our deep experience, we can augment what you have with advanced technologies that are fully compliant with important health regulations. Importantly, we take you through an ambitious but realistic roadmap of how to get to where you need to go.

Telemedicine App Development Services

As part of our telehealth app development services, we consult with you to understand your software requirements. We come up with a feature set based on your app specifications and what you want to achieve. Our skilled engineers come up with UI and UX in keeping with your organizational goals.

We also conduct telemedicine application development and testing. Integrating with third-party software, be it external EHR or CRM platforms, is part of what we do. We understand the importance of building powerful integration capability into your products. Finally, we use our experience to offer you telemedicine support and consulting to get the best out of what you have.

S-PRO Telemedicine App Development Plan

The first step in telehealth app development is product discovery. This is where we spend time helping you understand how your healthcare app can fit into your organization’s workflow. Together we establish your app requirements and specifications so we can create deliverables around them.

The next step of our telemedicine application development services is roadmapping, where you sign off on the project and formulate a project plan indicating the key milestones of the process.

After that, you enter the quality assurance and testing phase where we test your platform on all major devices and operating systems. We conduct unit testing and beta testing to check for performance issues.

Finally, it is time to launch. This is where you deploy the product to market and start to use it as part of your new workflow.

Sourcing Models of Telemedicine App Development

You can choose from a few different types of sourcing models to get to where you need to go. These include:

In-house Telemedicine App Development Solutions

In this model, the app development is in your control, which can give you a sense of comfort that you have visibility of the costs and the timelines. However, in our experience, there is always the chance of delays and budget overruns as this is not your core business and you may not have the correct resources and specialists in your team.

Semi Outsourced Model

With this method, you outsource only a part of the requirement. Typically, you would partner with an experienced telemedicine app development company that has experience in this field. In this instance, the biggest challenge is to get on the same page with regards to cooperation and mutually agreed on timelines and reporting structures, especially when projects go over time. In this model, you can partner with an experienced software development company like S-PRO.

Fully Outsourced Model

The best part of this model is that resource usage is optimized as your telemedicine app development company is an expert in this area and can use prior project experience to correctly estimate resources, budgets, and timelines.

There are fewer shortfalls as you are engaging with a telemedicine app developer that you vet beforehand. At the time of project consultation, you can agree on firm deadlines for your partner to work towards.

There is a risk that you outsource your whole project to a company that could let you down. This has been known to happen, which is why it is best to perform thorough due diligence before appointing the right partner.

Our Telemedicine Software Development Tea

At S-PRO, we have a highly experienced team of experts who understand the requirements of telehealth app development. We develop revolutionary integrated telehealth solutions that are compliant with major regulations.

We offer full-service telemedicine app development solutions. This means we take you through the entire process of the first consultation, project roadmapping, design discussion, quality testing, and launch. We have designed apps for organizations in several different industries. This experience has given us key insights on how to build the best apps on time and on budget.

Telemedicine Sofware Development Portfolio

Hospital management software (HMS) allows instant access to all patient information, simplifies planning and communication among doctors, and improves the efficiency of the healthcare industry.

Our healthcare software development agency has created a medical solution that encourages interaction between users and makes data more streamlined and organized. Hubspring is an easy-to-use, security-enhanced application that avoids leaking patients’ personal information. Being not only a messenger but also a secure storage, Hubspring allows clinics and hospitals to store medical records electronically. We continue to support Hubspring and are constantly looking for ways to improve it with best practices and innovative healthcare software solutions.

Custom medical software for sharing COVID-19 test results

Healthxain is a blockchain-based healthcare data management application that allows users to share their COVID-19 test results with appropriate organizations.

Our medical software development company developed a mobile and web application that is ready to be tested in a proof of concept environment in a city of 39,000. This healthcare product has become a valuable solution for protecting people during the pandemic. We are still working on integrating the project with more healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and restaurants as well as adding more useful features.

Zync is a database and search tool that helps chemists plan, accelerate, and visualize research. It also improves communication among scientists.

We created the interface of a tool for systematizing, visualizing, and storing chemical data and processes that is used by scientists from our client’s company. Its mechanics are based on artificial intelligence, so the machine can select and recommend a molecule, offer search options, or apply a suitable formula. The client received an interactive database with a full-fledged intelligent search engine.

Emergency assistance call system for people with health limitations

The Libify healthcare software solution provides an emergency call service for people in poor health and seniors in need of special care. The service provides help ASAP, giving customers a feeling of safety and freedom wherever they are.

We developed a cross-platform app to ensure seamless navigation across devices and enhance care provision for people with health limitations, providing instant access to emergency services in times of need. The app includes features like GPS tracking and battery safety mode to ensure reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps of telemedicine app development?

Healthcare software development is building a mobile or web application for the healthcare industry. The main goal of this type of software is to improve the approach to patient care, including by providing secure access to sensitive medical data and increasing the efficiency of medical professionals’ work.

The next step is roadmapping, where you sign off on the project and formulate a project plan indicating the key milestones.

Design and development come next. These crucial steps are where your software development partner proves their worth by applying your requirements to a strong design and then delivering the project.

After that, you enter the quality assurance and testing phase where your software development partner tests your platform for performance issues.

Finally, it is time to launch. This is where you deploy the product to market.

What is the cost of telemedicine app development services?

Building a telemedicine app comes with variable costs drawn from hardware purchases, software, licensing, and data storage.

Developing a telehealth system takes comprehensive planning and analysis. A good idea for the average cost of a telemedicine app ranges from $30,000 to $150,000.

The more features you load, the higher the price will go. There is so much to decide upon before you can reach the final price. It is always best to consult with a software development partner like S-PRO to get an accurate amount.

Roles required for telehealth app development

Having a good project leadership team is one of the most important factors in telemedicine app development solutions. The project lead should have technical skills and experience from previous projects.

They are supported by a project manager who is responsible for the day to day running of things and making sure the budget and deliverables stay in scope.

Analysis and development teams are highly technical and contain people like an application analyst who aligns the ideas and concepts of what the healthcare organization wants and what can be done.

They are supported by an application development team that designs and implements applications according to the specifications of the client.

Other important roles include quality assurance teams, information technology leads, super users, and change champions.

Who can get a telemedicine app development service?

Any healthcare organization that decides it needs to improve its workflow and save costs can contact a telemedicine app development company to start building an app.

What software is used for telemedicine?

Telemedicine software development companies create their own software using popular coding infrastructure. Telemedicine apps are compliant with major technologies like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Web, Linux, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more.

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    Zug, Switzerland
    Dammstrasse 16, 6300
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    Lodz, Poland
    Zachodnia 70, 90-403
    Lviv, Ukraine
    Heroiv UPA 71, 79000
    Kyiv, Ukraine
    Verkhnii Val St, 24, 04071
    Business Representatives
    Salt Lake City, USA
    Kiln SLC, 26 S Rio Grande St, UT 84101
    Austin, USA
    11801 Domain blvd., 3rd Fl, Austin, TX 78758
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Science Park 608, 1098 XH