How to Get Rich by Investing Money in the Most Profitable Businesses

How to Get Rich by Investing Money in the Most Profitable Businesses

People are always looking for ways to invest their money smart. Aren’t you one of those? Either way, you wouldn’t be on this page wondering how to get really rich with your own business. No worries, here you’ll realize what things you can do with the money amount already available in your pocket.

We’ve already seen in our previous article what options are there for you when your goal is to earn some interest. Even more, those methods over time can bring really inspiring results for everyone. In this piece of work, I want to concentrate more on the last specified option – business. There are many reasons for that. Probably the most important one is that business can bring the biggest revenue out of all other investment options.

So let’s step into your wealthy future first by getting the pinpoints of why anyone would want to invest money and time into nurturing their own business.

Why invest in your business

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  • Your business will grow

Your first investments will be transformed into real value. Nothing comes from zero efforts. No matter how big they are – from investing in the business plan creation at the beginning or hiring some manager to perform the management tasks every day when your business has already scaled up. Each step you take brings growth. Each business decision moves your company further to the new heights.

Investing in your business at any stage is totally worth the dime.

  • You’ll concentrate on what you’re best at

No more “hate my job” expressions. You are free to choose the niche of your dream, the tasks you do best of anyone else. Seriously! The more you’re into the project the better you’ll get in result.

And don’t expect to find some clear roadmap on defining those things, let them go from your heart. The more unique things you can do the fewer competitors you’ll have and the bigger results you will get.

  • Everyone including you will take your business seriously

There is always someone (possibly you yourself) who will show doubts about any aspect of your business strategy anytime the big decision is here to make. But once you start investing seriously, there will be no path back as all your efforts will be to create something really valuable and move your idea further.

Well, you wouldn’t like to waste your hard earned money, right? So you’ll show all the possible or even impossible efforts to get the real results.

  • Big decisions are in your control

With other investment options, you have zero or very limited control. In your own business, you call the shots. Surely there are many factors that influence your business position on the market, but you can always change your course, make changes to your business strategy, etc.

  • You will save time

What you do every day is spent your time, therefore your money. When you invest in someone else’s business performing tasks you don’t really enjoy – what outcome do you expect? On the other hand, if you make the best out of what you already know and can do by investing your time, efforts and money into your own business – that will give you a fortune

  • Less risk

Yes, you've heard it right. Everyone thinks that having a business of your own is really risky. Well, at some point - that's correct. But with stocks or other types of investments, you might experience even more tension and losses than while dealing with your own company.

More to that, you can start with any sum of money you may have. Most startups are ready to present their ideas with little to zero investments of their own to raise funds for the quality idea implementation.

What's more to consider is that the returns are potentially much higher. Have you heard of the stories like "how we got $10 mln in revenue in just 2 years"? There are plenty of those over the internet. You have a real chance to multiply your assets in 2 times and more within a small amount of time.

  • You have broader options with business

With stocks or other investment types, there is a limited set of options for you to earn.

With a business, you are free to choose any niche you like, any business strategy you feel the best. It's up to you to decide.

  • You have more tax benefits

Every country is interested in economic growth. Business helps the country's economics to actually grow. So most governments tend to create special programs supporting local businesses that offer less tax burden. More to that, you are flexible to choose the best suitable corporate structure or tax plan with lower taxes. Surely it depends. But you will benefit from business taxes comparing to investing in stocks for sure.

What are the most profitable businesses?

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There are uncountable possibilities in every niche. Just check out the empty cells in the Startup Matrix we already described in our article. We can start listing the actual spheres that are in need of fresh new ideas. But to be of more help to you we better concentrate on the directions in businesses that can be applied to almost every business niche.

What unites every other direction is technology. It has already changed the way all businesses function around the world. There more or less progress here or there, but it is definitely the biggest trend nowadays.

Entrepreneurs are stepping into the tech world with joy because it has already proven the positive effect that tech inclusions do with businesses by scaling them with ease.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will take away manual operations transforming the way industries will work within just a few years.

Online business

People are getting more aware of the benefits of online transactions, communication systems and other online platforms offer. Have you considered how much more convenient it is to use contactless payments?

There were many challenges that online businesses have already overcome and continue successfully dealing with nowadays.

Artificial Intelligence

There have been many debates around AI for years. Nowadays it gets more and more popular and is expected to bring new products with AI implemented in 2019 and further years.

With AI data analytics will be on hype as artificial intelligence operates with behavioral data of each user.


Even though the hype around blockchain has been decreased lately, it still has great potential in transforming all the business niches and everyone’s lives. Due to its benefits where the major ones are anonymity, security and interchangeability it has already been implemented in a number of big projects and continues to be in demand.

These are just a few major trends that will rule the business world and continue to be implemented in all areas of our lives. The core feature that unites all of them is an online presence. The mobility it gives to consumers is much appreciated by them. People are getting to feel the benefits of not be tied up to a certain location.

What comes to your mind when you think about mobility? Possibly mobile devices and the growing number of various mobile applications already implemented and growing. The thing is all the mentioned trends can be implemented in businesses via web and mobile applications.

So without further ado, we are concluding that the most profitable businesses will be for sure connected with the apps developed to serve the described needs thus attracting more and more audience to any product you already have or only have in mind.

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What is the best thing to do with $10,000?

This amount of money can be considered as a starting point for those who have seriously decided on starting their own business. If you really want to have significant results your goal here should be smart planning and creating a decent business plan that will include a step-by-step roadmap on how you can develop your business.

From now on you can widen your horizons - the more capital you have to invest in your business, the more income you will get.

Fundraising is getting more and more popular nowadays. So having a great business idea with a clear business plan in your hands you will definitely get the necessary funds to turn your idea into a really profitable business.

What is the best way to invest $50,000?

Having that much of money in your pocket gives you the ability to not only plan your business but create a minimum viable product (MVP) that will already have all the core features and be able to give you the first profits.

There are several paths you can take here. If you wish to make the whole business on your own and move further more slowly but steadily, you can simply start selling your MVP and improve the existing version of the product based on the user demands and preferences over time.

If you are much more ambitious and want to get the most out of time, you would want to present your MVP to potential investors that will become your business partners. This will save you time and give additional funds to grow your product much faster. Eventually, you have a chance to hit the list of those business success stories when your business gets millions US dollars in revenue over not so big period of time.

Either way, it is a good start and gives much more confidence in becoming a successful venture.

How should an entrepreneur invest $100,000?

That’s a great investment amount allowing you to build a real product with all the conceived functionality. Depending on the type of business you choose it may also allow you to develop a basic marketing strategy that will speed up getting the first impressive profits.

With this amount, you will be able to create a perfect business plan and start implementing it immediately. Although if you plan to scale further within a little time period that might not be enough. Well, you get the point!

What kind of business can someone start with $500,000+?

Telling the truth, not everyone has that much free money. The ones who own it might have got it from the previous business selling. Accordingly, they are experienced enough to create a truly awesome product or services, if that’s your choice.

Essentially, the answer to the question is any! Any business can be developed out of $500,000+ investments. Surely if you’re planning to “conquer the world” with your product, you should make the right planning on when and where it is more important to actually widen your horizons. Anyway, who stops you from making everything under your terms with that much money.


People prefer going to mobile in every way. This involves both consuming products/services or earning money. Investing in own business, especially the one giving freedom and great profit becomes the new trend. There are many options available.

So why not be among the first ones who dare to hop on board of future solutions and get the most value out of it, in the long run, starting from today!

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