Customer facing mobile application to improve client support

Hastings Deering is the official Cat® equipment supplier, has over 3,000 employees, across 23 business service centres throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia, with our headquarters based in Brisbane, Australia.

Company sell, rent, and offer outstanding support and parts distribution services for customers across a range of industries, including mining, general construction, civil transport and commercial construction, power systems, government, primary industries and marine.


In today’s competitive business landscape, providing exceptional customer support is vital for building strong client relationships and fostering business growth. This case study explores the collaboration between S-PRO, a leading software development company, and a prominent service-oriented organization. The objective of the partnership was to develop a customer-facing mobile application that would revolutionize client support and enhance the overall customer experience.


The service-oriented organization faced several challenges in delivering efficient and personalized client support:

Limited Accessibility

Traditional customer support channels, such as phone calls and emails, often resulted in delays and limited accessibility. Clients required a more convenient and streamlined method to seek assistance, particularly while on the move.

Lack of Personalization

Generic support experiences often left clients feeling disconnected and frustrated. The challenge was to develop a solution that would enable personalized interactions and provide tailored support based on individual client preferences and needs.

Tracking and Reporting

The organization needed an effective way to track and analyze customer support interactions, allowing them to identify patterns, address recurring issues, and continually improve their support services.


S-PRO, leveraging its expertise in mobile app development and customer experience, collaborated closely with the service-oriented organization to develop a customer-facing mobile application. The solution incorporated the following key features:

Seamless Communication Channels

The mobile application provided clients with a convenient and user-friendly interface to interact with customer support representatives. It integrated multiple communication channels, such as live chat, voice calls, and video calls, enabling clients to choose their preferred method of communication.

Personalized Support Experience

The application utilized client profiles and preferences to provide personalized support. It allowed clients to create and manage their profiles, providing valuable insights to support representatives and ensuring a more tailored and efficient support experience.

Tracking and Reporting

The application incorporated robust tracking and reporting capabilities, enabling the organization to monitor support interactions, measure response times, and analyze customer satisfaction. This data-driven approach facilitated continuous improvement of support services and identified areas for enhancement.


The implementation of the S-PRO customer-facing mobile application yielded significant results for the service-oriented organization:

Enhanced Customer Experience

The mobile application provided clients with seamless and convenient access to support services, regardless of their location. This resulted in improved customer satisfaction, as clients could easily seek assistance and receive timely resolutions to their queries or issues.

Personalized Support

The application’s ability to capture client profiles and preferences allowed support representatives to deliver tailored assistance. Clients felt valued and understood, resulting in stronger client relationships and increased loyalty.

Improved Support Efficiency

The tracking and reporting capabilities of the application enabled the organization to analyze support interactions, identify bottlenecks, and optimize support processes. This led to improved response times, reduced resolution times, and enhanced overall support efficiency.


The collaboration between S-PRO and the service-oriented organization resulted in the successful development and implementation of a customer-facing mobile application. The application addressed the challenges faced by the organization, providing seamless communication channels, personalized support experiences, and robust tracking and reporting capabilities. The outcomes included an enhanced customer experience, improved support efficiency, and strengthened client relationships. S-PRO’s expertise in mobile app development and customer-centric solutions played a crucial role in transforming customer support and elevating the organization’s ability to deliver exceptional client service.

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