Mobile application for crypto exchange with >1m users

Zondacrypto is one of the largest digital asset investment platforms in Europe with over 1 million users. The company was established in 2014 and it is regulated by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Users can make transactions in over 50 coins and tokens in pairs with traditional currencies (EUR, GBP and PLN), stablecoins (USDT and USDC), and BTC and ETH. zondacrypto is continually developing and expanding its business, which has resulted in the creation of such products as zondacrypto FIAT Exchange and zondacrypto Pay.


The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market has created a demand for efficient and user-friendly platforms for trading digital assets. This case study highlights the collaboration between S-PRO, a leading software development company, and a crypto exchange with a user base exceeding 1 million. The objective was to develop a cutting-edge mobile application that would provide a seamless trading experience, robust security measures, and innovative features to cater to the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


The crypto exchange faced several challenges in meeting the needs of its growing user base:

Mobile Accessibility

With a significant number of users accessing the exchange via mobile devices, there was a need to provide a mobile application that would offer a user-friendly interface and the same functionality as the web platform.

Security and Trust

As the exchange dealt with digital assets, ensuring top-notch security was paramount. Users needed confidence in the application’s security measures to protect their funds and personal information.

Scalability and Performance

With a rapidly expanding user base, the application needed to be scalable and capable of handling increased trading volumes without compromising performance.


S-PRO, leveraging its expertise in mobile application development and blockchain technology, collaborated closely with the crypto exchange to create a feature-rich mobile application. The solution included the following key components:

Intuitive User Interface

The mobile application featured an intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling users to navigate seamlessly through the platform’s functionalities, including real-time market data, trading charts, and order placement.

Robust Security Measures

The application employed robust security measures, such as two-factor authentication, encryption protocols, and multi-layered identity verification, ensuring the protection of user funds and personal data.

Scalable Architecture

The application was built on a scalable architecture, capable of handling high trading volumes and providing a smooth trading experience even during peak periods. This ensured users could execute trades without delays or system interruptions.


The implementation of the S-PRO mobile application delivered significant results for the crypto exchange:

Enhanced User Experience

The intuitive user interface and comprehensive features of the application significantly improved the trading experience for users. They could easily access real-time market data, execute trades, and monitor their portfolios, resulting in higher user engagement and satisfaction.

Increased User Base and Trading Volume

The introduction of a user-friendly mobile application attracted a wider audience and contributed to a substantial increase in the exchange’s user base. This, in turn, led to a significant surge in trading volume, driving revenue growth for the exchange.

Positive Feedback and Trust

The application received positive feedback from users, praising its seamless performance, robust security measures, and user-friendly design. This fostered trust and confidence in the exchange, encouraging existing users to continue trading and attracting new users to the platform.


The collaboration between S-PRO and the crypto exchange resulted in the successful development and implementation of a mobile application that revolutionized cryptocurrency trading. The application addressed the challenges faced by the exchange by providing a user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and a scalable architecture. The outcomes included an enhanced user experience, increased user base, higher trading volumes, and positive user feedback. S-PRO’s expertise in mobile application development and blockchain technology played a pivotal role in empowering the crypto exchange to cater to the needs of a rapidly growing user base and position themselves as a leading platform in the cryptocurrency market. The mobile application for the crypto exchange proved to be a game-changer, providing a seamless and secure trading experience for users, and contributing to the exchange’s success in the highly competitive crypto industry.

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