Project Handover Assistance Services

Your vendor fails to provide the result on time and within budget? You may want to consider a project transition plan from one vendor to another.

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Project Handover Assistance Services

Our Experience

S-PRO’s team has completed multiple projects in various industries, including fintech, healthcare, energy, retail, and hospitality. We have a lot of experience with project handovers for our clients.
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Project Takeover Services We Offer

Adaptation of Legacy Systems

We adapt legacy software for work with modern systems.

Infrastructure Preparation

We have experience setting up cloud environments from scratch.


We design the IT environment, develop scalable cloud infrastructure, and automate the software delivery process using off-the-shelf automation frameworks or custom scripts.

Code Documentation

We write comprehensive code documentation for collaboration on a product.

Code Review

We audit the code to detect and report bugs.

Quality Assurance

We test and debug products to improve project quality.

Project Management

We manage the projects to control the workflow, scope, deadlines, and budget.

Why Should You Switch Vendors?

Check for these red flags in cooperation with your present tech partner. If any of them is spotted, you may need to switch vendors.
Usually, as the development team gets the project rolling, the performance steadily improves. The developers apply all sorts of tools and use retrospectives and backlogs. The lack of improvement in your team’s efficiency may signal some problems.
The overall efficiency drops if your vendor repeatedly misses deadlines or hesitates to solve problems. If difficulties persist, it may mean that the company lacks strategy skills to maintain the promised product quality. Do not wait until you face the consequences of their failures to consider a project handover.
The high developer turnover rate negatively influences the team’s performance and key results. Because transferring knowledge from one team member to another requires additional time and effort, the code quality deteriorates. The vendor may fail to win the best talents and mitigate the effects of internal project handover.
There is always room for minor development cost changes. However, poor project management leads to repeated underbudgeting. The agreed-upon and final costs of the projects can differ by 10-15%. If more, the cooperation model may be inappropriate. Furthermore, the project's complexity may be poorly estimated, which is why a development team may struggle with the tasks.
Numerous factors, including ineffective procedures, can lead to communication problems. As a result, the vendor fails to deliver crucial information in time or through the right channel. If you can’t be on the same page with your vendor, it’s time to initiate the handover of project.
Even if you are largely satisfied with the software development services at present, consider whether your partner can overcome possible future challenges. Reliable vendors are forward-thinking and genuinely enthusiastic about the project. Aside from providing high-quality services, they are constantly seeking opportunities for joint growth. If your vendor is just doing their work well now, the cooperation may be problematic in the future.
Proper project documentation enormously boosts the team’s performance. If your current vendor fails to display the ongoing status of the project or report on each step taken, consider the handover of project. Later, the problem will turn into a snowball that keeps growing.

Project Handover with S-PRO:

The main phases of the project handover include preparation activities, handover itself, and analysis. All three are integral parts of the process, though the preparation stage may be the most important.
Step first

Business analysis

We review documentation, tasks, and current processes. We also analyze the business idea and possible integrations and choose partners needed for the project. At this stage, we engage a business analyst who studies the project's business aspects.
Step second

Technical analysis

Our engineers conduct code and style guide reviews, analyze the software infrastructure, communicate with the previous team, and identify existing problems with the system. Testers check how stable the platform is and whether it has critical bugs.
Step third


At this stage, we define the scope of work that the client wants to complete and estimate the time required for completing this scope.

Frequently Asked Questions

A handover is a process of transferring project tasks and responsibilities from one partner to another. It may take up to several months for a new team to comprehend all project's components. The transition time depends on the complexity of the project and the experience of a new team. After that, the project will continue, and the new team will deliver the results.
Start the project handoff as soon as possible to give both teams enough time to communicate effectively and address any project-related uncertainties. While the new team has the chance to learn all the project specifics, the departing team can make sure the project is in capable hands.
A detailed project handover document makes the transition of the project from one team to another much easier. Preparing such a document is the responsibility of the previous vendor. But even if they fail to fulfill this obligation, the S-PRO’s team will help you. We have already dealt with project handovers when the documentation was scarce or nonexistent.
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