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Other companies offer services which solve only part of your problem. Is that right? We use a complex approach to develop quality and profitable products.
What we do
3 steps to your success
UI/UX Design
We do an all-round analysis of your product, handle usability and attractiveness of the future app, and use the most suitable approach to project design
Web/Mobile Development
At this stage we provide the best solutions and the most suitable technologies for your project
Technical Support
Here we provide DevOps operations management as well as constant improvement of your project, and its support
Below we describe all the steps you'll pass — from a bare idea to a fully functioning product — if you trust our expertise and hire us
Creating initial project requirements
Target audience & empathy map
We form several segments of your target audience. We also draw the empathy map. It helps you to see the problem from the users' point of view, foresee their possible actions, and single out important emphases for planning.

Product, market & competitors analysis
We conduct a SWOT-analysis of your product and competitors to highlight strengths and weaknesses.

Creation of website (app) structure
We create a detailed mind map, or several ones, of your project. Here you can see each function's importance and implementation stages. Based on the mind map developers can start integrating an architecture into the project and developing the core. Designers can start working on first interfaces.
Design of the project
In design creation for your project we use mobile first design and human-centered design principles. It allows to reduce the time for developing different app versions and create a convenient and modern interface. This approach ensures high users involvement and protection of your commercial interests.

Our design team creates your brand identity and visual accompaniment taking into account the preferences and expectations of the app's potential users. As a result your product receives logo, brand colors and fonts, typography and graphic patterns solutions, backgrounds, demonstrations, and design directions for you and your product users.
Architecture planning
To build a fault-tolerant system, it's necessary to have a deep knowledge of the processes that will occur between different app layers: backend, frontend, database etc. We show all the development processes and the links between them in the form of a blueprint diagram. We discuss and introduce all the technologies into this document that are most suitable for a specific task. At the next stage we plan separate services. We compose a data storage schema for the database, and work out the API.

Based on our experience, the creation of the project architecture and development plan allows to optimize the development processes as much as possible.
Mobile development
We confidently occupied the niche of developing cross-platform apps. We use such technologies as React Native, Angular 4, Python & Django, JavaScript/TypeScript, Redux etc. They allow to perform product development faster than others technologies.

Web development
We keep a finger on the pulse to work with top technologies such as React, Node.js & Koa, PHP, Angular 4, Python & Django, JavaScript/TypeScript, Redux etc. As a result, we offer you the best development solutions.

Unlike other software companies, we don't need to use third-party testers. Our testers work hand in hand with programmers, and this makes it possible to eliminate bugs and issues as quickly as possible.

Testing allows you to eliminate bugs before the user encounters them. We use Usability testing, Unit testing, Auto Testing, Manual testing on real devices / browsers / OS with BrowserStack, and Crashlytics. These testing tools give an opportunity to evaluate how smoothly the app works on all kinds of devices.

Convert design to responsive layout
We convert design to responsive layout so that your app automatically adapts to any users' devices with any screens.
Product modification
When your project is already a fully functioning product it's important to find opportunities for its constant improvement, growth, and functions extension if needed. We provide methods aimed at automating the modification process to save your time and money as much as possible. We also analyze the interface effectiveness and increase its level
Our guys don't finish their work after the product is developed. Be sure of round-the-clock communication to support and monitor your app working capacity.

We provide language, framework and etc. upgrades to new version. If there is a need, we make other changes and update functionality, or content.
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