Backend Development Services

The backend is an internal part of any solution that ensures the smooth operation of apps and load resistance. Need help creating and maintaining its components for your web or mobile application? S-PRO specialists provide high-quality backend development services. Reach out to us to receive a secure product that meets your company’s requirements, industry standards, and local regulations.
Backend Development Services

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Backend Development Services We Provide

S-PRO’s backend services execute your business logic and process user requests. Moreover, we make your application adaptable to increased traffic and ensure high-level security, minimising downtime and errors. With our code, it’s easy to update the system, fix bugs, and add new features. Our team has deep expertise in progressive tools. To take your business efficiency to the next level, our backend development company offers the following services.

Backend Consulting

How to build, optimise, or improve the server infrastructure of an application? Contact S-PRO to analyse the project’s requirements and goals. We will choose the optimal way to create an efficient and adaptable architecture. At the same time, our specialists will pay special attention to increasing the backend efficiency, security, and scalability.

Web Application Backend Development

Web applications are available to users through web browsers and various devices. The server part is the most complicated development aspect. It manages data storage, processing, and interaction, ensuring the interface works smoothly. We will choose the most suitable tech stack and implement security measures. Our experts focus on protecting user data, maintaining server performance, and guaranteeing reliability.

Mobile App Backend Development Services

Looking to create digital solutions for mobile devices? We are here to ensure efficient mobile app backend development. Our specialists will handle the proper functioning of all modules and features, paying special attention to security and performance. Working with us, you can expect an optimal tech stack, established processes, and expertise in advanced solutions. Guarantee the quality and functionality of your mobile application with S-PRO.

Cloud Solutions

Modern companies often need a smooth transition to cloud-based technologies and infrastructure. And here, a reliable partner for cloud support and migration is a critical success factor. S-PRO will assist you with selecting the right cloud service provider (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.) and building a migration strategy. Our backend development company also ensures data security, minimal disruption, and cost-effectiveness.

Backend Testing

Want to identify and mitigate issues affecting system performance and security? Try quality backend testing from our backend development agency. Ensure efficient operation of server-side components and protect data from potential threats. We will carry out all necessary testing types, including units, functions, and their interactions. To handle it, our experts create test scenarios considering various user stories and cases.

API Development and Integration

Extend your app’s functionality with third-party systems and APIs. S-PRO specialists easily integrate external vendors’ services and functions. This way, you can increase work efficiency, improve user experience, and gain a competitive advantage. Let us make your integrations smooth, fast, and secure.

Our Backend Development Company Process

As a top backend development agency, we know how to optimise the coding process, ensuring quality, speed, and transparency. We use the Agile approach, breaking the project into two-week sprints. Our team regularly evaluates the intermediate product. This way, you can give timely feedback and make corrections when necessary. Usually, our development process consists of the following most significant stages:
Discovery Phase
  • Identifying the data storage and server requirements
  • Collecting information about user stories, use cases, and business processes
  • Creating detailed requirement specifications
  • Detecting the most critical components or modules
  • Defining component relationships and describing data flow
  • Picking the appropriate technology stack
Database and Infrastructure Design
  • Defining the database structure, including tables, relationships, and data types
  • Choosing an appropriate database management system (DBMS)
  • Configuring security settings
  • Developing strategies to scale server infrastructure
  • Configuring the server environment to optimise performance and reliability
  • Planning and implementing data backup and recovery strategies
Cloud Infrastructure and CI/CD Pipeline Setup
  • Selecting the appropriate cloud service provider
  • Creating virtual machines, containers, or serverless functions
  • Choosing and implementing a version control system
  • Setting up a CI server and creating automated deployment pipelines
  • Including rollback mechanisms to address potential deployment issues
Business Logic and Functionality
  • Implementing user authentication and registration processes
  • Developing authorisation rules
  • Creating data processing and validation mechanisms
  • Building database queries and API endpoints for data manipulation
  • Implementing business rules and logic for core app functionality
  • Integrating with external services and APIs
Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Formulating an extensive test plan
  • Generating test cases and scenarios
  • Executing unit, functional, integration, usability, and other testing types
  • Implementing user acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Documenting any identified defects and challenges
  • Performing security testing to pinpoint vulnerabilities
Deployment and Maintenance
  • Implementing automated deployment processes
  • Monitoring server performance and resource utilisation
  • Applying software patches and security updates
  • Ensuring regular data backups
  • Identifying and resolving issues, bugs, and errors

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R&D Centers
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Zachodnia 70, 90-403
Lviv, Ukraine
Heroiv UPA 71, 79000
Kyiv, Ukraine
Verkhnii Val St, 24, 04071
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Backend development services provide the basis for your software functionality, scalability, and security. With its help, you implement your platform’s essential business logic, store data, and interact with external services. The backend is a crucial part of development. So, you should plan it carefully and partner only with experienced vendors like S-PRO.

    S-PRO is a backend development company with extensive experience in progressive solutions, including blockchain, Big Data, and AI/ML. Thanks to the Agile approach, we organise a flexible process and promptly respond to any potential changes. Therefore, our team delivers products on time and within the estimated budget. In addition, we pay special attention to testing, ensuring your solution runs smoothly and efficiently.