Analytic platform for digital loans

Exaloan is a Frankfurt-based fintech that specializes in developing machine learning tools for predictive analytics in digital loans. Company provides institutional investors with cutting-edge technology and help them connect to the digital lending market on a global scale. Through their integrated Loansweeper software they can run a dynamic investment process in individual digital loans with the same standard across lending platforms.


The digital lending industry has witnessed significant growth, providing borrowers with convenient access to loans. This case study showcases the collaboration between S-PRO, a leading software development company, and a digital lending provider. The objective was to develop a powerful analytic platform that would leverage data-driven insights to optimize loan decision-making, mitigate risks, and enhance overall lending operations.


The digital lending provider faced several challenges in their loan management and decision-making processes:

Limited Data Utilization

The existing loan management system had limitations in effectively utilizing the vast amount of data available. Traditional approaches to loan decision-making were unable to leverage the power of data analytics, resulting in suboptimal lending decisions and missed opportunities.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

The provider needed a robust solution to assess and mitigate credit risks effectively. They faced challenges in identifying reliable risk indicators, analyzing borrower profiles, and predicting loan defaults accurately.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlining loan management processes and improving operational efficiency were essential for the provider’s growth. They required an advanced platform to automate workflows, improve data accuracy, and enhance overall productivity.


S-PRO, with its expertise in data analytics and financial technology, collaborated closely with the digital lending provider to develop an innovative analytic platform. The solution included the following key components:

Advanced Data Analytics

The platform utilized advanced data analytics techniques, such as machine learning algorithms, to analyze borrower data, credit history, and loan performance. It identified patterns, trends, and risk indicators, enabling more accurate loan assessments and decision-making.

Risk Assessment and Scoring

The platform incorporated sophisticated risk assessment models to evaluate borrower creditworthiness and determine appropriate loan terms. It provided risk scores and insights that guided lending decisions, helping to minimize default rates and maximize profitability.

Automation and Workflow Optimization

The platform automated loan application processes, credit checks, and document verification, reducing manual effort and improving operational efficiency. It streamlined workflows, ensuring a smooth and expedited loan approval process for borrowers.


The implementation of the S-PRO analytic platform yielded significant results for the digital lending provider:

Improved Loan Decision-Making

The analytic platform empowered the provider to make more informed loan decisions by leveraging data-driven insights. The accuracy of risk assessment improved, leading to reduced default rates and better loan portfolio performance.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Automation and workflow optimization streamlined loan management processes, resulting in improved operational efficiency. The provider could handle loan applications more efficiently, reducing processing times, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Business Growth and Profitability

The analytic platform contributed to the provider’s business growth and profitability. The ability to assess risks accurately and optimize lending decisions led to increased loan volumes, expanded market reach, and improved profitability.


The collaboration between S-PRO and the digital lending provider resulted in the successful development and implementation of an analytic platform that transformed their lending operations. The platform addressed the challenges faced by the provider by leveraging advanced data analytics, risk assessment models, and workflow optimization. The outcomes included improved loan decision-making, enhanced operational efficiency, and business growth. S-PRO’s expertise in data analytics and financial technology played a pivotal role in empowering the digital lending provider to leverage data-driven insights, minimize risks, and optimize lending operations. The analytic platform positioned the provider as a leader in the digital lending industry, enabling them to provide efficient and reliable loan services to borrowers and driving their success in the highly competitive lending market.

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