How Mobile App Development Industry Dominates the Market

The mobile app development industry is dominating the world. That’s due to the increasing desire of a random user to benefit from better services and enhanced user experience...
Viktor Yurovskyi Viktor Yurovskyi
2 min read

What Things We’ve Learned at Machine Learning Prague 2019

The S-PRO experts have visited the biggest conference about Machine Learning in Europe and we are ready to share with you how it was, what impressed us and the...
Andrii Hrebin Andrii Hrebin
2 min read

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How to Brainstorm New Startup Ideas? The Startup Idea…

Ideas are the new currency of the 21st century. Sometimes they are more valuable than money. For example, the well-known story of Mark Zuckerberg turning down...
Avatar Igor Izraylevych
2 min read