4 Important Points to Pay Attention to in Case of Blockchain Adoption into Business

Introduction What words do you hear the most often when it comes to blockchain? Likely, these are security, decentralization, trust, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies. They are cornerstones of...
Oleg Genaliuk Oleg Genaliuk
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S-PRO is listed in TOP-100 Companies with Programs for Corporate Social Responsibility by IAOP.

  Recently, the worldwide famous association of outsourcing companies, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, conducted an independent assessment of the capabilities of outsourcing service providers and advisors...
Igor Izraylevych Igor Izraylevych
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How to Brainstorm New Startup Ideas? The Startup Idea…

Startup Idea Matrix by Eric Stromberg Ideas are more valuable than money Blue Ocean strategy How to brainstorm startup ideas: techniques and tools Why...
Igor Izraylevych Igor Izraylevych
7 min read