Energy Contracts Artificial Intelligence

Energy Contracts Artificial Intelligence

Digital ecosystem for the energy market that offers predictive analysis and transparent deals

The Brief

Green energy is the best way to save the environment and satisfy humanity needs. Having a solar or wind power station gives an opportunity to earn money using inexhaustible resources that cost nothing. But it also implies many technical and economical issues. To sell the power you need to know how much energy is going to be generated tomorrow or in three days. Ability to predict power generation and consumption as accurate as possible is an essential thing to optimize profitability. Here, modern Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning work for our interest.

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Services

Power Generation Prediction Module

Our technology uses weather forecast, hardware properties, historical data like generating history per hour, weather conditions, solar activity, to predict how much energy the station will produce over the next 24 hours or any alternative time slice in the future. We use modern data science and machine learning based methods. They guarantee that the difference between predicted and real power output will be as small as possible.

Power Consumption Prediction Module

Depending on the type of consumption we can develop a custom predictive model. It will show how much energy will be spent/consumed for a certain period in the future.


Interaction with energy consumer - from a global power grid to a car charging point - implies having a transparent way to monitor the power generating/consuming balance. This results in a detailed report or through the convenient API.

Technological challenges

Solar power generating is unstable and just partially predictable, and it is clear why. Weather, panels stability, dust, and other parameters can be really unpredictable sometimes. In addition to annual cycles, the task gets much more complex. One hundred percent accuracy is not reachable. There is a number of factors that may greatly influence the outcome:

Two solar days - predicted power output and real value

Meteorological conditions

Meteorological conditions

The better the light intensity the more electrical power can be generated. The geographical position of the power station along with changing weather and climate conditions make their amendments towards its productivity and prediction accuracy.

Equipment state

Equipment state

The installation type and temperature properties, the shading extent, orientation and inclination of solar panels may impact the calculation output along with the maintenance conditions and proper exploitation.



The power generation changes within the time of year and day: it’s increased in summer during the light day although the nominal performance may drop due to abnormal heat.

Our solution here is to use the most modern math and data science to reduce the deviation between predicted and real value.



Take all available historical data and make the best use of it


Build a way to store historical data in a more efficient way


Design a backend that analyses data and is able to build a prediction or return data for the historical report


Provide an API for internal and external use with an interface according to business needs


Build an application whether it is a desktop, web app or a mobile one

Key features

The power generation prediction report for a specific time period in the future

A thorough plan and illustrative information for the consumer

A detailed history of predicted and real measurements

API integration for customer's needs

The Results


We’ve created a new predictive model that has improved the forecast accuracy by 7% compared to the old one and helped our client to optimize business efficiency.


The designed ecosystem takes into account a myriad of parameters about meteorological, equipment and seasonality conditions to tailor the most accurate energy forecast for each unique case.


We’ve implemented the reports system and API integration that significantly optimizes business processes to ensure further profitability growth.

Energy Contracts AI is a digital ecosystem that makes the next step in the solar energy industry offering the most accurate prediction of the generated/consumed power. Combining innovative ecological initiatives with modern technologies it grants transparent business operations and enhanced returns.

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