Energy Contracts Artificial Intelligence

Energy Contracts Artificial Intelligence

Digital ecosystem for the energy market that offers predictive analysis and transparent deals

The Brief

Green energy is the best way to save the environment and satisfy humanity needs. Having a solar or wind power station gives an opportunity to earn money using inexhaustible resources that cost nothing. But it also implies many technical and economical issues. To sell the power you need to know how much energy is going to be generated tomorrow or in three days. Ability to predict power generation and consumption as accurate as possible is an essential thing to optimize profitability.

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Services

Power Generation Prediction Module

Our technology uses weather forecast, hardware properties, historical data like generating history per hour, weather conditions, solar activity, to predict how much energy the station will produce over the next 24 hours or any alternative time slice in the future. We use modern data science and machine learning based methods. They guarantee that the difference between predicted and real power output will be as small as possible.

Power Consumption Prediction Module

Depending on the type of consumption we can develop a custom predictive model. It will show how much energy will be spent/consumed for a certain period in the future.


Interaction with energy consumer - from a global power grid to a car charging point - implies having a transparent way to monitor the power generating/consuming balance. This results in a detailed report or through the convenient API.


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