A secure blockchain-based solution for sharing COVID-19 test results and individual health statuses

HealthXain is a safe social mobile app that enables checking the health status with reading a QR code

The Brief

The Brief

An S-PRO client for whom we previously delivered a blockchain-based document sharing platform was concerned with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, which at the time was especially terrible in Spain. People were not able to leave their homes without risking their health, and there was no guarantee that your neighbor or the person in the cafe next to you wasn’t infected. To help soften the lockdown conditions and protect people, our client came up with the idea of an app that can provide a person’s health status with a simple QR code check.

This technology is based on an existing blockchain solution developed by S-PRO and is aimed at simplifying the work of cafes, restaurants, and local businesses by allowing them to immediately see whether someone can safely interact with others. The main task for us was to come up with the technical realization of this idea quickly in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

As a result of our tight cooperation, we were able to:

develop three mobile apps (one for users, one for sanitary personnel, and one for pharmacists and cafe representatives) along with two web apps (a laboratory admin panel and an admin panel for authorities)

create a security system based on a permissioned private blockchain solution

do all this in less than a month


Before starting development, we had a productive week filled with discussions and product planning. Our business analyst was in constant contact with the client and the technical team to make sure they were on the same page and deliver the product within a limited time frame without sacrificing quality and while building a logical user flow.

One of the key challenges of this project was the short time frame. We had less than a month to build three mobile apps and two web apps for three separate roles — user, admin, and pharmacist — along with a QR code reader app for local businesses.

Target Audience: The app will be tested first in Spain and then expand to Europe and other countries.

Key Features


Digital identity generation based on a third-party validation entity (health personnel)


All patient’s data is stored in a blockchain


Test results are delivered directly in the user app


Security and information immutability is guaranteed by SafeXain


Complex admin panel stores test results and statistics


Integration with public health IDs


Pharmacists and laboratories

Local businesses

Private blockchain federation





Business analysis


Mobile app development


Frontend development


Backend development





Future Plans

We have just started developing this solution and are now waiting for the first market testing results. In the future, we plan to implement features such as:

Contact tracing capabilities deployed by mobile phone operating system providers

Heat map statistics to help allocate resources

Google My Business integration

Roles of parent (to check kids’ statuses) and police officer (to check whether someone is violating quarantine rules)

Graphics in the admin dashboard


In less than a month, we developed an app that is ready to be tested in a proof of concept environment in a city of 39,000. The app has become a valuable solution for helping protect people from infection. We are still working to integrate the project with more medical institutions, drug stores, and restaurants as well as to upgrade it with more useful features.


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