How we developed a web-platform which collected 1,6K orders in the first 6 days after its launch, and about 4K orders after 3 weeks!
Tso Chinese Delivery is a web based platform for fast food delivery or carryout from Chinese restaurant to East and Central Austin (Texas, USA).
Our clients Min Choe, Angell Tsang, Gabe Ahn, Jenna Choe, Gavin Booth, and Eunice Tsang are the founding partners of the startup These guys have been thinking about a food delivery service from their restaurant kitchen for a long time. They also wanted to include a convenient payment system which meant no tipping and no delivery fee policy.

Our clients have figured out that the best delivery would be the one they created themselves. So the guys came to us with an idea of a perfect tool which would automate their business and delivery processes.
We faced the following challenges to find the most efficient solutions, develop super nice client service, and provide maximum flexibility in working with orders and clients:

  • Automate the entire chain order-kitchen-delivery
  • Develop convenient options both for clients and the restaurant team
  • Create user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation
Features & Solutions
We provided the following solutions to handle every business process and make it as flexible as possible.
Real-time delivery tracking
Order management platform
Promo code management
CRM systems are provided
An API integration with Google Maps
E-mail notifications about the current order status
Development Solutions
The app was launched in August, 2017 and quickly received a large user flow.

Users appreciated the clients service, easy-to-use website and classic options, user-friendly design and delivery logistics, ease of online ordering, its customization and an ability to choose either chopsticks or utensils, and the required quantity.

It's an ongoing project. Our team continues to adjust the system for users and provides maximum flexibility, because there is a need to cope with the constant user number increase. Surveys are conducted through CRISP-DM.

The app is opened to adapt other cuisine concepts. Dishes are planned to be delivered not to the office hall, but to the managers meeting room, and these features will be developed.

The product is developed as a base for a multitenant platform. It means that our clients can licence it to others, so the app can bring more profit.
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