How we developed a tablet app which shortened the sales cycle 48 times and sped up the production cycle 4 times
Our customer is Millennium Mat Company, LLC (now is probably called Sports Licensing Solutions, LLC) from Georgia, the United States. This company specializes in licensed and custom mat programs. It manufactures tufted floor mats and rugs: entrance, bathroom, bedside, area, car, truck, tailgate, and garage mats etc.

These guys needed to automate their sales cycle to speed up all the mat-making processes.
We shortened the sales cycle time. Now it takes from 30 minutes to 6 hours maximum! And the amount of our customer's clients is constantly growing!
Sales cycle before the app development
A cafe owner comes to a sales point. He or she needs rugs with a logo. The salesman writes down an idea, places an order, and sends it to designers. Designers make a sketch and return it to the salesman. The salesman meets with the client again and presents the sketch.

The client makes corrections, which are sent back to designers. And so on, until a decision is taken. The company has a 3-7 days gap between creating future production sketches and getting approval from a client. As a result, our customer has a constant loss of clients with urgent work.
How looks the sales cycle after the app development
A cafe owner comes to a sales point and says what he or she needs. The salesman googles an image, creates a sketch in the basic editor, and shows it to the client.

The parties make corrections immediately and send to designers. Designers create the final sketch. The salesman shows it to the client and approves. As a result, the prototype is actually ready on the spot!
All the Photoshop functions are inside the app
Virtuoso is an easy-to-use app without prof training required
A user can apply either personal or branded graphic colors, the client's logo images, or pick any image from Google
Background can be cropped or removed
Colors can be changed
Any text can be added
The image can be reversed
A user can change mat and rug sizes. They are factored in the app, so a user can immediately see how the end product will look
A salesman is able to put all the client ideas into a sketch version using this app
Personal directory for each client and all the client ideas are stored in history forever
Clients won't have to spend any additional time on checking the sketches because they can see everything instantly at a sales point
After client's approval, the sketch goes into production and the deal is closed
NodeJS + Koa framework, ASP.NET MVC + MS SQL, images pre- and post processing
ReactJS, Redux, Canvas, FabricJS
We tested Virtuoso with Unit testing. Manual testing on real devices / browsers / OS with BrowserStack.
Web & Application Servers
We used Nginx and IIS
Hosting & Deployment
Hosting—AWS ec2 instances, CI/CD—Jenkins
How it works
Step 1 | Google an image
Step 2 | Virtuoso edit
Step 3 | Submit
As a Result
visit to make an order
faster production cycle
hours less to complete an order
minutes to close the deal
We supposed that Virtuoso would be for our customer only. But the guys decided to make a platform based on Virtuoso and sell it to other companies as a service.

Right now Virtuoso UI can be dynamically customized for client needs and is already used in 12 carpet production companies.
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Andrii Fisiuk
Project Manager
Alexander Kazantsev
Viktor Cheban
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