Data Analytics Consulting by S-PRO

If you deal with large volumes of complex data and need valuable insights, get data consulting services from S-PRO. Depending on your goals, we will build an effective data analytics strategy, audit the existing system, and even integrate predictive modelling.

Our Data Consulting Experts

S-PRO's Data Consulting experts offer expertise in data strategy, management, and analytics. Our services enhance decision-making, foster data-driven innovation, and boost efficiency. Harness the power of your data by streamlining its processing, visualization, and integration.
Dmytro Voitekh
Areas of expertise: creating and implementing AI solutions, selecting appropriate technology stack for web and mobile development, data encryption and security.
Ephraim Frei
Head of Corporate Clients
Areas of expertise: enhancing data-driven decision-making, developing and implementing AI solutions for corporate finance, leveraging machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics, and automating complex financial processes.
Nikolay Bobryk
Solution Architect
Areas of expertise: AI systems design and implementation, AI strategizing, scalable architectures development, AI technologies integration (machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision).

Our Data Analysis Consulting Services

S-PRO provides various data analytics consultancy services. We guide businesses from strategy and audit to architecture design and the adoption of optimal technology stacks. Also, our data science consulting expertise includes robust security, compliance, and machine learning capabilities.
Data Analytics Strategy
  • Assessments of existing data infrastructure and processes
  • Business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Implementing data cleansing and normalization processes
  • Analyzing current analytics tools, platforms, and technologies
  • Data governance policy implementation
  • Data security measures improvement
  • Opportunities for advanced analytics and machine learning
Data Solution Audit and Improvement
  • Examination of existing infrastructure, performance, and security
  • Bottlenecks, latency issues, and areas for optimization
  • Documentation and workflow review
  • Technology stack evaluation
  • Optimization strategies for data processing and analysis
  • Recommendations for improving performance
  • Ensuring compliance with industry standards
Data Visualization & Enterprise Reporting
  • Implementing the most suitable visualization tool
  • Visually appealing and user-friendly dashboards
  • Reporting systems for large-scale data sets
  • Data aggregation and summarization
  • Real-time reporting implementation
  • User adoption support through learning and assistance
Data Transformation
  • Assessment of existing data sources, formats, and structures
  • Data cleaning and preprocessing
  • Data integration from multiple sources for a unified dataset
  • Standardizing data units, measurements, and formats
  • Converting data between different formats, platforms, or systems
Data Management
  • Data collection from databases, apps, and external feeds
  • Storing and organizing data in a centralized repository
  • Data cleansing, validation, and profiling
  • Implementing security measures
  • Compliance with privacy regulations
  • Data quality management
  • Policies, standards, and procedures for managing data assets
Data Engineering Consulting and Development
  • Data architecture design
  • Data infrastructure development
  • Cloud engineering advisory and strategy
  • DataOps — automation and orchestration
  • Data preparation and ETL/ELT
  • BI and analytics implementation
Predictive Modeling
  • Data collection and cleaning
  • Feature selection and engineering
  • Predictive modeling algorithm selection
  • Model training with historical data
  • Model evaluation, optimization, and tuning
  • Model deployment into the company's infrastructure

Data Consulting Benefits for Business

As a data consulting company, we will help you take full advantage of these services. You will better understand your customers and internal processes, enhancing operational efficiency and competitive advantage. Let's consider the benefits of data analytics consultancies.
Business Metrics Understanding
Define and recognize the critical metrics to clarify your operational health and success criteria. Standardized and quantifiable indicators help you identify bottlenecks, redundancies, and areas for improvement. At the same time, a data consulting business allows you to allocate resources effectively, leading to cost savings and enhanced productivity.
Data-Driven Strategy
Develop and implement strategic initiatives with our data consulting firm. Prioritize activities and resources that have the most significant impact on the desired outcomes. As a result, you get optimized day-to-day operations and a strengthened foundation for long-term growth. A thorough data analytics in consulting helps you identify patterns and trends, improving decision-making.
Operational Efficiency
Partner with data analytics consulting companies to allocate resources effectively. It includes optimizing staffing levels, inventory management, and production processes. Thus, your business can enhance its efficiency and the overall quality of products and services. With analytic consultancy, organizations become more adaptable to market and technology changes, as well as internal dynamics.
Competitive advantage
Gain a competitive edge with data analytics and consulting. A meticulous analysis of market trends, customer behaviors, and competitor activities helps businesses identify unique opportunities for differentiation and innovation. Personalise your offerings, improve customer experiences, and build lasting relationships. Collaboration with data analysis consulting firms attracts new customers and enhances brand loyalty among existing ones.
Risk Mitigation and Fraud Prevention
A data science consulting firm will help you identify potential risks before they escalate. Organizations proactively assess vulnerabilities by analyzing historical data and patterns. This way, they can implement preemptive measures. At the same time, consulting data analysis involves monitoring financial transactions, customer behaviors, and operational activities to identify anomalies or suspicious patterns.
Predictive Analytics for Forecasting
Anticipate future trends, behaviors, and outcomes based on historical and current data patterns. Data consulting companies leverage sophisticated statistical models, machine learning algorithms, and predictive modeling techniques to extract meaningful insights and project likely scenarios. Contact data analytics consulting firms for strategic success and resilience in the face of uncertainties.
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Our Data Analytics Consulting Process

  • Duration 2-4 weeks
  • A team of 2-5 professionals
Need a strategy, audit, or data engineering services? Our data analyst consultant schedules a call to understand your project goals, challenges, and specific questions that need data-driven answers.
Our data and analytics consultant will review existing data infrastructure, assess data quality, and determine if additional data sources are required. We may also clean and preprocess data, addressing missing values, outliers, and inconsistencies.
Our data science consulting company selects appropriate analytical methods based on the problem's nature and the available data. It involves exploratory data analysis, hypothesis testing, and the development of predictive models.
We translate the analysis results into actionable insights and provide recommendations for decision-making. Our data & analytics consultant communicates them clearly and understandably using visually appealing dashboards.
We support implementing recommended changes like operational adjustments, strategic shifts, or technology improvements. It's crucial to ensure you can leverage the data consulting insights.

Big Data Technology Stack We Use

  • Languages
  • Frameworks and Libraries
  • Visualization
  • Databases
  • Data Warehousing
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics
  • Cloud Platforms
Apache Hadoop
Apache Spark
Zoho Analytics
SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra)
Amazon Redshift
Google BigQuery
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

Our Case Studies

  • Launching a new business
Community building platform
Muuvr is proprietary active-data-for-crypto platform. It inspires and enables active people of every ability, nationality, age, gender, economic status, creed and colour to take ownership of their...
  • Launching a new business
Energy market insights analytics platform
Modo Energy is a leading data analysis company that provides valuable, unique market insights to help energy companies build, finance and operate the energy system of the future...
  • MVP
  • Dedicated team
Advanced travel planning tool
TravelPlanBooker offers customers a truly integrated travel planning and booking experience, allowing them to arrange flights, trains, buses, accommodations, activities, and car rentals, all in a single transaction...

Facts about S-PRO

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Why Customers Choose Us

Talented Experts
Each S-PRO's data analytics consultant possesses a strong background in data science, statistics, and analytics. Our experts are well-versed in tools and technologies like Python, R, SQL, Apache Spark, and various machine learning frameworks. At the same time, you benefit from our domain-specific knowledge in healthcare, finance, renewable energy, and other industries.
Global Reach
With headquarters in Switzerland, representations in the Netherlands and the USA, and R&D in Poland and Ukraine, our data consulting company efficiently covers multiple time zones. Real-time collaboration and communication are essential for decision-making and problem-solving so that you can expect faster project delivery.
Security and Compliance
Our data analytics consultants prioritize security by implementing robust encryption mechanisms that protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. We utilize secure databases and storage solutions and enforce access controls. Also, consulting data analytics emphasizes compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other industry-specific regulations.
Agile Methodology
The Agile approach prioritizes transparency and adaptability to changing requirements and priorities. Our data science consulting company closely collaborates with you, regularly updates the progress status, and makes adjustments without disrupting project timelines and budgets. As a result, you get a comprehensive, relevant, and practical data analysis solution.
Result-Oriented Approach
Our consultant data analytics services deliver tangible and impactful outcomes that align with your company's objectives. We identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and establish metrics to gauge the project's success. This helps us address your consulting big data challenges and opportunities, generating results that have a meaningful impact on your business.
Full-Cycle Services
If you need a strategy or help with data transformation or management, engineering, or even predictive model integration, S-PRO is here to help. Or maybe you have the whole system in place, but it doesn’t work as you want it to. In this case, our data and analytics consulting team will conduct an audit and help you identify weak links and growth points.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do data analytics consultants do?

Data and analytics consultants leverage statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and data visualization techniques to identify trends, patterns, and correlations within the data. Our ultimate goal is to provide actionable recommendations and support data-driven decision-making for better business performance.

How much does data science consulting cost?

The cost of data & analytics consulting can vary based on the project scope and complexity (strategy, audit, or engineering), the level of required expertise, and the engagement duration. For detailed estimates, contact S-PRO specialists and describe your needs.

How can your company benefit from data consulting?

Data analytics consulting firm provides valuable insights into your business operations, customer behaviors, and market trends, leading to informed decision-making. It helps optimize processes, improve operational efficiency, and identify growth opportunities. Additionally, you can enhance your competitive advantage by leveraging AI/ML-powered solutions.

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    Hardturmstrasse 161, 8005
    Zug, Switzerland
    Dammstrasse 16, 6300
    R&D Centers
    Lodz, Poland
    Zachodnia 70, 90-403
    Lviv, Ukraine
    Heroiv UPA 71, 79000
    Kyiv, Ukraine
    Verkhnii Val St, 24, 04071
    Business Representatives
    Salt Lake City, USA
    Kiln SLC, 26 S Rio Grande St, UT 84101
    Austin, USA
    11801 Domain blvd., 3rd Fl, Austin, TX 78758
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Science Park 608, 1098 XH