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Real-time Risk Management platform for clearing companies

A real-time dashboard that collects and synchronises market data with company internal portfolio information, and allows to set up its flexible display of the key professional metrics. The platform allows risk-officers to monitor performance of accounts assigned to them in terms of profitability, complying with margin requirements, risks and other factors in real-time, allowing clearing houses, brokers and dealers to analyze their clients' exposure.

Fortune Best Workplaces in New York™ 2020

Fortune Best Small & Medium Workplaces in the U.S.

A fully decentralized trading platform

A solution that allows users to lend or borrow money based on the stable coin and smart contracts that guarantee the fixed interest rate and conditions at the moment of contract creation. A safe low-cost mechanism for active traders to avoid monitoring constantly changing interest rates and cryptocurrency fluctuations.

A powerful solution for P2P lending and borrowing;

Unique patented smart contract technology;

Based on Ethereum, DAI, and initial system Maker DAO;

A paid UK data analytics platform for the alternative energy industry

Provides B2B customers with extensive industry metrics

A huge scope of analytical data helps users explore markets, get detailed asset data, and track performance

A stylish dashboard shows all aspects of the energy market

Сhemistry database software for scientists with a user-friendly search tool

ZYNC is a database and search tool for chemists that visualizes research, helps to plan and accelerate it, and improves communication between scientists.

Enables faster and cleaner searchability of millions of data points

Reduces rework by centralizing communications and search activities in one view

Supports the multidisciplinary collaboration between scientists that is central to the new bio-based material economy

Zymergen raised $600 million in investments

Cross-platform app for creators

A must-have tool for every photographer striving to capture that perfect shot. PolarPro is an all-in-one solution that assists with camera set-up, filter choice, and calculation of exposure time and incorporates geo-positioning.

A secure solution for sharing COVID-19 test results

A valuable solution for helping protect people from infection

Three mobile apps: one for users, one for sanitary personnel, and one for pharmacists and cafe representatives

A security system based on a permissioned private blockchain solution

Staff management platform for food service and hotel establishments

We helped our client build a staff management system that automates and optimizes scheduling and time tracking. It solves a problem common to all HoReCa businesses in Switzerland: the difficulty of scheduling shifts for employees.

The BJJ-HI app — revolutionary new way to learn jiu-jitsu.

The app that helps users improve their jiu-jitsu. It enables users, the BJJ practitioners, to ask any question to their BJJ idols and receive video answers directly from them.

Technique library: hours of instructions available 24/7

Live seminars from all around the world

Convenient, simple user interface

Developing the community

A mobile health and wellness solution

An app for meditation and personal development that provides quality meditation courses and audio tracks.

Compose a playlist by genre

Calculate the duration of meditation

Administrative panel for producers who want to monetize their content

Decentralized platform for cryptocurrency trading

It is a secure and simple in use assistant to help users enjoy trading on the cryptocurrency market. MeterQubes allows wallet-to-wallet exchange and trading ERC-20 tokens. The platform is intuitively navigable both for users and admins.

A background music platform for businesses of every kind

Rehegoo streaming is a custom platform for different types of businesses to buy unique licensed background content and for artists to promote their music.

Globally recognized music publisher;

7342 published albums;

5766 artists;

136 631 produced songs.

The fin-tech startup powered by Blockchain

The first unique payment solution targeted at product/ service component that provides free transactions and ensures credibility by Blockchain-powered smart contracts.

Top 10 financial solution and ICO in 2018;

$52 million raised;

The partnership between Silicon Valley, China, Switzerland and Ukraine.

The solution that shortens the value chain

The solution has proceeded over $4.5 million during the first year;

We’ve accelerated cash flow and made it predictable;

Today this solution helps more than 9000 players and 788 teams in 7 leagues with their payment challenges. The number is counting every minute.

Mobile app for cryptocurrency payments and investments

Convenient and user-centered mobile app for cryptocurrency payments and investments. We provided planning stage for CryptoTap giving our business partners detailed specification and estimation of the future product.

Unique food delivery platform

A platform to automate order-kitchen-delivery chain and make the payment process instant and reliable. It’s a mobile first app intuitive for customers and flexible for admins. On the first day of the launch TSO got so many orders that it run out of products. But - what is important - the platform endured such load perfectly.

An app designed to build frontline ambassadors for your brand and boost sales

The Mevo app helps build long-term brand loyalty, increasing sales rates by assuring that the advantages of your products are clear and accessible to the end-user. Mevo has already been successfully adopted by brands like Miele, Huawei, Red Bull, Diesel, Samsung, and Salomon.

A customized task-management solution for technical engineers

Internal solution for Daunert, 100-year-old company;

Minimum involvement from the client's side (no more than 10 hours);

The convenient task-management system started working with the first version with no extra releases.

Technological marketing platform for online advertisers and publishers

Myntelligence is a marketing operating system that tracks consented consumer data with long-lasting cross-device technology, offers marketing orchestration and activates the audience with an omni-channel experience. It aims at changing the world of online advertising and publishing by transforming the customers’ digital model into a user-centric business.

There are around 10 million events held per day with no campaign launched;

Product is used by world-leading financial institutions such as Enel, MasterCard, UniCredit and others;

During 2018 there were around 1 billion events.

A tablet app for the largest mat manufacturer that speeds up sales for four times (Millenium Mat Company)

A solution for one of the world's largest mat manufacturers Millennium Mat Company that automates the enterprise process along with bringing a customer-to-company interaction to a new, more efficient level.

Shortens the period from the first call to the successful sale by 76%;

The sale cycle is less than 24 hours;

12+ other companies use the solution in their businesses.

Green Blockchain startup to reward environmentally responsible users

An app that encourages people to be more environmentally-conscious by giving them rewards for every green action. Climate Drops is Blockchain powered - that ensures full user security and clear bonus distribution.

An app that connects politicians and voters

Ezme opens new horizons for communication between political leaders and potential voters. Politicians can share information via the app, while users get updates straight from government representatives they trust.

A custom streaming solution for a nonprofit organization

Real-time streaming service accessible from four platforms, working seamlessly with each. A powerful solution offering custom navigation and designed to fit user need.

Emergency Assistance Call System for people with Health Limitations

Emergency call service for people in poor health and seniors in need of a special level of care. The socially significant platform to provide help asap, giving customers those feeling of safety and freedom wherever they are.

The platform endured such load perfectly;

The work process accelerated 15 times.

Digital ecosystem powered by AI for the energy market

A complete solution for the energy market providing both electricity suppliers and consumers with the best criteria of a transparent deal. Energy Contracts AI helps to predict the power generation and consumption with the highest degree of accuracy towards the real value, therefore, optimizing the power station’s profitability.

Digital ecosystem for hospital staff

A unified system for communication and file distribution between hospital staff. Secure, flexible and simple messenger and file storage - helps to coordinate and improve patient care. We’ve been supporting Hubspring for 2 years as the project is constantly improving and expanding.

A solution that accelerated the work process of the warehouse for fifteen times

Janado is the project that optimized the work of the warehouse with tech devices. Now it easily allows to track the goods, control their quality and proceed with the goods returning process.

The work process accelerated 15 times;

Switched from various Excel systems and tables to one database;

Long-term savings on wages since one employee manage to do the work that two people used to accomplish.

A platform for renting a place for entrepreneurs and appointment automation

GoBeauty is a service that helps beauty specialists easily rent a personal studio and start a business without significant investment and unnecessary management routine. Over time, they can easily scale to new areas. Also, this platform allows customers to find the right professional quicker and sign up for a session in the nearest area and time.

Leased 1000 m² during the first month;

Was chosen by Sector X accelerator;

Is in partnership with L’Oreal.

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