Our Case Studies

<span>Our</span> Case Studies
Renewable Energy

A marketplace for jobs and services

A user-friendly peer-to-peer platform that connects contractors who provide services with customers looking for people to complete various small jobs.
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android
  • Ability for contractors to promote skills by creating ads
  • Personalized search: filter and sort helps users find the right job and the right person
A marketplace for jobs and services

А platform dedicated to the world of amateur sports

Tifo is a platform with built-in payment cards that helps sports clubs and their members manage participation, ensures simple payments, improves communication between all participants in the sports industry, and generally strengthens the sports community.
  • Tifo is the first FinTech product in the amateur sports field that supports P2P payments for millions of users
  • It was created in a multi-team environment on the Treezor platform and in partnership with the Société Générale bank

Custom software for a Wall Street brokerage company

A real-time risk management platform that collects market information instantly and synchronizes it with information about the company’s positions.
  • Fortune Best Workplaces in New York™ 2020
  • Fortune Best Small & Medium Workplaces in the US

Decentralized trading platform based on Ethereum, DAI, and MakerDAO

A solution that allows users to lend and borrow money based on a stable coin and smart contracts that guarantee a fixed interest rate and lending conditions at the moment of contract creation.
  • Powerful solution for P2P lending and borrowing
  • Unique patented smart contract technology
  • Based on Ethereum, DAI, and initial system Maker DAO
renewable energy

Data analytics platform with actionable insights into the UK alternative energy industry

A paid UK data analytics platform for the alternative energy industry that provides B2B customers with extensive industry metrics.
  • Modo Energy has raised over £1 million in investment
  • Huge scope of analytical data helps users explore markets, get detailed asset data, and track performance
  • Stylish dashboard shows all aspects of the energy market

Chemistry database software for global scientific research

A database and search tool for chemists that visualizes research, helps to plan and accelerate it, and improves communication among scientists.
  • Our client raised $600 million in investments
  • Enables faster and cleaner searchability of millions of data points
  • Supports multidisciplinary collaboration between scientists

A mobile application for earning with XXX crypto wallet

A payment initiation service provider that uses blockchain technology, smart contracts, and open banking APIs to provide a next-generation billing solution that meets the needs of businesses and customers.
  • Deposit XXX and other tokens
  • Exchange different cryptocoins
  • Conduct transactions with other token holders

Cross-platform application to optimize filming

An app that boosts sales of a manufacturer’s camera filters by helping photographers take high-quality shots and improve the outdoor filming experience.
  • Actively developing a community of professional photographers and videographers around the world
  • Helps users choose the optimal filter for a camera or drone
  • Easy-to-navigate interface for smooth, intuitive camera setup
  • Clear and efficient functionality and unmatched user satisfaction

The returns solution that delivers automated reverse logistics and recovery economics for online merchants

A platform that allows customers to get refund offers from third-party brands instead of getting traditional refunds. It coordinates and automates payments and shipping logistics for these transactions.
  • Merchants don’t lose a lot of money on refund transactions
  • Marketers get new and returning customers for little investment
  • Customers get up to 10% more value over the original purchase price

Decentralized platform for cryptocurrency trading

A secure and easy-to-use assistant that helps users enjoy trading on the cryptocurrency market and allows wallet-to-wallet exchange and trading of ERC-20 tokens.
  • Current rates, trading diagram, order book — everything a user needs to buy or sell tokens on one screen
  • Highly functional and intuitive admin dashboard for simple platform management
  • Chart with customizable timeframes where users can see price and volume movements of tokens

Medical software for sharing COVID-19 test results

A blockchain application that allows users to share their medical test results during the COVID-19 pandemic with appropriate organizations.
  • Three mobile apps: one for users, one for sanitary personnel, and one for pharmacists and cafe representatives
  • Security system based on a permissioned private blockchain solution

Employee management platform for hospitality businesses

Staff management platform for Swiss food service and hotel establishments that automates and optimizes employee scheduling and time tracking.
  • End customers are hospitality businesses: cafes, hotels, restaurants, bars, gyms
  • Forms a solid basis for trust between business owners and their employees with a clear overview and user-friendly functionality
  • Have been working together since 2019

Convenient application to learn and improve Jiu-Jitsu

An app that enables Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners to ask any questions to their BJJ idols and receive video answers directly from them in order to improve their Jiu-Jitsu skills.
  • Technique library: hours of instructions available 24/7
  • Live seminars from all around the world
  • Convenient, simple user interface

A user-friendly app for meditation and personal development

A mobile health and wellness solution for meditation and personal development that provides quality meditation courses and audio tracks.
  • A concise, minimalist design so nothing distracts users from listening to playlists
  • Administrative panel for producers who want to monetize their content
  • Ad Astra application offers unique content from various authors

A music platform with licensed background content

A custom platform that allows businesses to buy unique licensed background music and allows artists to promote their music.
  • Mass upload functionality (up to 10K tracks at a time)
  • 7342 published albums, 5766 artists, and 136,631 tracks
  • Partnerships with Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and Deezer

The first mobile B2B payment solution with a custom blockchain

The first unique blockchain-based payment solution that allows businesses to buy and sell products on the same platform using custom tokens.
  • Rated a top 10 financial solutions and ICO in 2018
  • $52 million raised
  • Partnership between companies in Silicon Valley, China, Switzerland, and Ukraine

Solution for organizing sports games that shortens the value chain

An application that optimizes cash flows and makes them more predictable through the digitalization of payment collection so that organizing hockey games is more convenient.
  • Breakout raised over $4.5M during the first year
  • Brought together a fast-growing community of people united by a passion for hockey
  • Helps hockey lovers easily organize amateur games

Mobile application for cryptocurrency payments and investments

A convenient and user-centered mobile app for instant cryptocurrency payments and investments that provides a digital wallet with multi-currency support.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions to any wallet based on Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens
  • Opportunity to buy goods and services at locations where ERC-20 tokens are accepted
  • Access to set up a personal node or other required infrastructure

Food delivery platform for a takeout and delivery restaurant

A custom platform automates the order-kitchen-delivery chain, simplifies the staff’s work, and standardizes the quality of service.
  • T’SO Chinese Delivery has raised $2.2M in funding over two rounds
  • Official food delivery partner of Austin
  • Have been working together since 2016
  • Mobile-first app that is intuitive for customers and flexible for admins

Solution to increase sales of world-famous brands

A platform that helps large brands and manufacturers work directly with retail salespeople and increase their sales through surveys and training.
  • Has already been adopted by brands including Miele, Huawei, Red Bull, Diesel, Samsung, and Salomon
  • Increases sales by assuring the advantages of products are clear and accessible to the end user
  • Can be customized and adapted to any brand’s unique design and style

Customized task management system for technical engineers

This solution simplifies the work of technical engineers, keeps track of progress, and shows the efficiency of each team member, thereby improving internal communication.
  • Internal solution for Daunert, a 100-year-old company
  • Distributes more than 40 brands throughout Spain, such as Nakamura-Tome, Star, Hydromat, SW, and Shimada

Technological marketing platform for online advertisers and publishers

A marketing platform for online advertising that simplifies analysis of real-time data and optimizes ad campaign results as well as makes online ads more user-centric.
  • Product is used by world-leading financial institutions including Enel, Mastercard, and UniCredit
  • Builds bridges with the target audience with a clear customer journey
  • Annual company turnover is around 20 million euros and growing
  • Around 1 billion events and 60 million active user accounts in 2018

Technology solution that shortens the sales cycle by 4 times

A tablet app that helps representatives of Millenium Mats, the largest mat manufacturer, accelerate and automate the sales process by visualizing designs on floor mats.
  • Shortens the period from first call to successful sale by 76%
  • Sales cycle lasts less than 24 hours
  • 12+ other companies use the solution
renewable energy

Green blockchain startup to reward environmentally responsible users

A blockchain-powered app that encourages people to be more environmentally conscious by giving them rewards for every green action.
  • App reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 0.5 tonnes per app user per year
  • In 2018, during the scholar competition organized by Climate Drops, school students reduced CO2 emissions by 363 tonnes
  • Blockchain technology ensures full user security and clear bonus distribution

App to improve communication between political leaders and voters

A solution that allows politicians to share information with potential voters while allowing users to get updates from government representatives they trust.
  • Provides direct communication with political leaders
  • Allows citizens to get first-hand news and keep track of the political landscape
  • A strong tool that meets the needs of our partner’s business

A real-time streaming service for a nonprofit organization

A custom solution to stream liturgies, services, instruction, and prayer for smartphone and smart TV viewing.
  • Connects users with the community via a smartphone or TV
  • Navigation on a smart TV is user-centered and smooth
  • Accessible from the four most popular platforms: Android and Apple TV as well as Android and iOS smartphones

Emergency assistance call system for people with health limitations

An emergency call service for people in poor health and seniors in need of special care that provides help ASAP, giving customers a feeling of safety and freedom wherever they are.
  • Has raised a total of $7M in funding over two rounds
  • Increased the speed of getting help by 15 times
  • A cross-platform app to ensure seamless navigation across all devices
renewable energy

AI-powered digital ecosystem for the energy market

A complete solution for the energy market that helps to predict power generation and consumption with a high degree of accuracy.
  • A new predictive model that improves forecast accuracy by 7% compared to the old model
  • Power generation predictions for a specific time period in the future
  • Thorough plan and illustrative information for users
  • Detailed history of predicted and real measurements

Healthtech ecosystem for hospital staff

A management platform that allows instant access to all patient information, simplifies planning and communication among doctors, and improves the efficiency of the healthcare industry.
  • A unified system for communicating and distributing files among hospital staff
  • Secure, flexible, and simple messenger and file storage
  • Notifications and alerts so users can keep everyone up to date and informed
  • We have been working together since 2016
Coming soon

Solution to optimize the work of warehouses

Software that accelerates a warehouse’s work with electronic devices and easily allows for tracking goods, controlling their quality, and processing returns.
  • Accelerated the work process by 15 times
  • Switched from various Excel systems and tables to one database
  • Long-term savings on labor costs since one employee manages to do the work that two people used to accomplish
Go Beauty
Coming soon

Real estate software for helping beauty industry specialists rent spaces

A service that helps beauty specialists easily rent a personal studio and start a business without significant investment and unnecessary management hassles.
  • Leased 1000 m² during the first month
  • Chosen by the Sector X accelerator
  • Partnership with L’Oreal

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