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With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning we transform scattered data into valuable insights. We have expertise that allows us to provide powerful AI solutions. From creating a model to its deployment - you can rely on us.

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AI solutions for your business

Machine Learning

Allows to create self-sustainable systems that learn from data, identify patterns and improve from the experience with minimal human intervention.

  • data, text and image classification
  • logistics optimization
  • fraud detection
  • financial planning

Deep Learning

Technique that focuses on teaching computers learn by example using algorithms that are similar to the structure and functions of the brain neural networks.

  • risks prediction
  • recommender systems
  • image restoration

Natural Language Processing

Branch of AI that analyzes the human language and helps machines understand and interpret it.

  • machine translation
  • mood analysis in social networks
  • customers feedback & reaction analysis
  • spam detection

Computer Vision

Enables computers to identify and process images in the same way the human vision does. With computer vision artificial systems are able to obtain multi-dimensional data and provide high-level information.

  • image processing
  • video processing
  • text recognition
  • pattern and object recognition

Dialogue Systems

Systems that are able to interact with the humans using words. They have both input and output channels.

  • chatbots
  • virtual assistants

Speech Processing

Permits machines to recognize and translate a spoken language into text. Users can control machines by speaking.

  • speech recognition
  • speech generation
  • subtitle generation

“AI will impact every sphere of our lives. It has the potential to shape our future.”


4th out of 884 place in Kaggle «Airbus Ship Detection» challenge (image instance segmentation)

20th out of 1316 place in Kaggle «Quick, Draw! Doodle Recognition» challenge (image recognition)

30th out of 3234 place in Kaggle «TGS Salt Identification» challenge (image semantic segmentation)

Our approach



We analyze your business to find out which AI model can solve current problems, add value and improve performance.

requirements management plan
development process overview


Data Preparation

We extract, explore, visualize and transform data for use with AI algorithms. AI can analyse information, learn from it and make smart decisions based on previous experience.

data collection
data exploration & cleanup


Feature Engineering

We transform data used on the previous step for the training and augment it with additional features. That makes machine learning algorithms work more effective.

feature selection
normalization & standartization
applying domain knowledge


Data Modeling

We create a custom AI model specifically for the engineering and business needs of your enterprise. Then the system is trained to perform an analysis to find patterns and correlations to create meaningful predictive models.

picking learning tasks
selecting algorithms



We integrate AI model to the existing systems and processes of your business seamlessly.


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