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Creating a cross-platform app is our thing. We’ve been using React Native to provide our clients with apps that work seamlessly both on Android and iOS devices. Not only it makes the development less time- and resource-absorbing, but further maintenance and updates become much easier.

Our comprehensive approach to work, powerful team and fresh ideas help us to build innovative, reliable apps.

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Why React Native

Shorten the time of the development
Make further support and update easy and fast
Minimize the costs
Reach your target audience both on iOS and Android gadgets
Our approach

Signing an NDA

We are are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you want to keep your project confidential.

Getting an estimation

Let’s start with the big picture to avoid difficulties in the future. We guarantee that the product, as well as its costs and timeframes, will be the same as specified at the estimation stage. We achieve that by discussing with you every possible details of the app. That helps us to understand precisely how you see the product.

Signing a contract

Once we defined what and how we are going to create, we sign a contract to officially start our partnership. And now we are ready to proceed to the next stage.

Stage #1

Writing a technical specification

A specification is a detailed description of technical requirements for the app. Every detail is discussed with you, so the specification will clearly bring together functional requirements, necessary features and use cases of the app. Now, when we know exactly the ultimate goal, we are ready to start the journey.

Defining an architecture

At this stage we create the structure of the future app, describing the components and the links between them. To make the app reliable and fault-resilient we analyze what technologies and frameworks will be optimal, and create the infrastructure design.

Creating a design

We will offer you different variants to choose the perfect one, and we guarantee that the final design will be the same as in wireframes and prototypes - we create a pixel perfect layout. We prefer an individual approach and create a user-centric design.

Stage #2

Making a layout

We analyze wireframes and blueprints elaborated on the previous stages, and consider the best ways to perform them into intuitive UI/UX design. A clean layout makes the navigation seamless for the user and contributes greatly to the overall success of the app.

Developing an app

With profound research and preparation performed on previous stages, we are ready to develop a product now. We create intuitive and seamless apps, which are also reliable and crash-free.

Stage #3


We take full responsibility for the product quality. We provide multi-stage performance at every step of the development, polishing all possible defects.


We set the production environment and help you launch the app. You get a working product ready for use by end customer.


We offer special packages to guarantee the support of our clients even after app release.

Stage #4


We use hype, cutting-edge technologies for the best performance.

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