Product Design

Every project requires a unique, personalized approach. Design at S-PRO is based on close work with clients to create products that engage and empower users and bring simplicity to their lives.
Innovative Customer Experience
What Makes Us Different?
We create product interfaces that help end users effortlessly meet their needs and help you easily achieve your business goals.
Create complex interfaces for high-load systems such as apps for management and internal use
Apply best practices and research results from major R&D centers
Take a human-centered design approach
Engage business analysts for every product
Use only top-notch modern design tools
Provide pleasing product interactions
Product Design Workflow

Product Discovery Services

Strategy workshops

Workshop, follow-up, brief with desired project outcome

Design review

Define what needs to be improved in the current version of your product

Competitor analysis

Benchmark competitors and analyze strengths and opportunities

Ideation & Prototyping

Design Concept

A clickable prototype with selected user stories and visual design

Pitch deck Presentation

A brief presentation that helps potential investors learn more about your business

Our Design Works
All of our projects feature meticulously designed user interfaces, each tailored for ease of use. This helps speed up day-to-day operations, improves the customer experience, increases the number of daily transactions, and encourages users to shift toward electronic payments.
Staff management platform for food service and hotel establishments

A staff management system for hospitality businesses that automates and optimizes scheduling and time tracking

enterprise mobility
An app designed to build frontline ambassadors for your brand and boost sales

A platform that helps large brands and goods manufacturers work directly with retail salespeople to increase sales through surveys and training

renewable energy
A paid UK data analytics platform for the alternative energy industry

A paid UK data analytics platform for the alternative energy industry that provides B2B customers with extensive metrics

Coming soon
Decentralized platform for cryptocurrency trading

A decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform that allows for wallet-to-wallet exchange and trading of ERC-20 tokens

consumer apps
A background music platform for businesses of every kind

A world-famous music publisher that produces and distributes music of undiscovered artists, allowing businesses to buy unique licensed background content

Other Services
Collecting and analyzing information about your project, its market, and its end users allows us to clearly define the project goals, scope of work, and limitations as well as assess business opportunities and prepare a solution vision.
Establish the roadmap and team to provide a predictable development process. Create efficient projects with the latest technologies and brand-new approaches.
Friends & Clients
Julian Rupp

Chief of Staff at Exaloan AG

The partner is happy with the deliverables and ongoing work. S-PRO is doing a great job with both the front- and backend development of the solution. They're truly invested in the success of the web app and a member of their senior management has even devoted time to being involved.
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