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A background music platform for businesses of every kind


A custom platform for different types of businesses to buy unique licensed background content and for artists to promote their music

The globally-recognized music label Rehegoo has a recording studio in London and a huge base of soundtracks and talented signed artists with the right to use their music. Knowing that business owners experience the need of buying licensed music only and struggle with its choice, the brand has decided to facilitate this process creating a platform selling licensed custom background music to small and medium businesses. The main task for S-PRO was to develop the solution that will match music playlists with specific types of companies thus generating relevant and original content.


As a result, we delivered a product available for different types of businesses including varying functionality for all user types (business, artist, and aggregator) with a separate role for the Rehegoo sales team to be able to present the platform from different angles.


One of the main challenges for S-PRO became the quickly changing requirements of our client regarding the content generation, its presentation, systematization, and the process of onboarding new customers. As a result, we needed to change the core functionality of the platform a few times adapting to new ideas and propositions. Besides, we have also faced and overcome the following challenges:

  • Customized admin panel

    In general, it had to be the system of control with the ability to upload tracks, create playlists, and systemize all information according to required criteria. However, the main difficulty lied in the huge amount of content that had to be processed and organized, and also in different links inside the platform like the connection between tracks, playlists and categories. We also worked on the idea of the artist platform to provide the ability to generate codes, make payment to the artist or aggregator for listening to their songs and request the withdrawal of funds;

  • Mass upload

    Initially, we enabled the platform to load up to 500 tracks but with the increase of content reconsidered it in favor of 5-10K. To achieve this, and also to automate the music uploading, reduce time, and enhance the workload of the system, we implemented the mass upload function of tracks. It worked the following way: we uploaded tracks and the file with all necessary information (artist, description, tag, picture, category, etc.) to Bitbucket which allowed us to upload to the platform up to 10K music tracks at the same time automatically. To facilitate the work for the content team, we also developed a special tool where all uploaded music is checked for accuracy of the information and the existence of failed files. The tool analyzed all files and provided suggestions on whether some files were duplicated, information was missing, had to be completed, failed to be uploaded, and for what reason;

  • Direct Debit Integration

    Due to the peculiarities of the payment methods in Italy (bank transfers preferred), we couldn`t use Stripe only and had to look for extra ways of payment processing. In addition to Stripe, we also tested a new variant of Direct Debit integration with no option to lean on someone`s previous experience and we succeeded. The situation was complicated by the necessity to take into account different payment packages (according to room quadrature) and free trial option.

  • Complex and heavily loaded Kubernetes Architecture.

    Beforehand we knew that there will be a huge amount of content that should be processed quickly, the number of users could change from 100 to 2k in a few minutes and the platform should work similarly quickly. That is why our DevOps team decided to use Kubernetes for the server. They created containers for different countries and did a great job with optimizing the process and load balancing.

Key Features

  • 01

    Content generation depending on the type and subtype of the customer`s business (with the ability to change preferences);

  • 02

    Five types of users (admin, sales, customer, artist, and aggregator);

  • 03

    Search by type, track, artist, category;

  • 04

    Likes and dislikes of tracks;

  • 05

    Integration with Direct Debit for bank transfers;

  • 06

    Music player with the ability to create and customize playlists;

  • 07

    Mass upload function (up to 10K tracks at a time);

  • 08

    Complex admin panel (ability to add tracks, form playlists, add pictures and tags, categorize tracks and change their sequence by drag and drop);

  • 09

    A special tool to check music information before uploading;

  • 10

    Free trial and discount system.



business analysis


UI/UX design


front-end development


back-end development


project management



The Results

As a result, within one year we created a modern and easy-to-use music platform that:

  • 1.

    Gives business owners instant access to massive sound library and specific playlists relevant to their business;

  • 2.

    Features music from thousands of signed artists around the globe;

  • 3.

    Provides a convenient search and customization of playlists.

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