Efforts involved
4 people
Development time
4 months


Streaming media solution for a nonprofit organization

The Brief

Streaming services allow us to visit events and places we can’t travel to. When it comes to the religion - streaming can help a church to outreach its parishioners all over the world. It brings a priceless feeling of unity which is crucial for every religious person.

The Church organization came to us with the idea of K-TV - media solution for streaming of Holy Mass, church services, lectures, and prayers to smartphones and smart TV. We had to bring a simple yet powerful solution to make the church accessible to everyone no matter where they are.

Services Provided




UI/UX design









Target Audience

Our team made a research of K-TV target audience to build functionality and design around their needs and preferences.

Most users are seniors who can’t get to the church because of health problems, whether or other circumstances. Вut still want to feel the connection with the community watching the streaming from their home. It must be simple and intuitive so elderly people won’t face any problems getting content they need.

UI/UX Design

We had to make smart TV navigation with remote control easy. The d-pad is a standard for navigation on TV but it’s not the easiest way to surf through the content. We used patterns users are familiar with and designed it in such a way that the user can quickly scroll through the content.

  • Contrast ensures optimal visibility
  • The distance between elements are apart enough to avoid an accidental press
  • All elements are easy to click as well as small font sizes are avoided
  • Blue is used as the main interface theme as it is considered to be a safe color with a calming effect

Technological challenges

The problem is the more platforms the app covers the more difficult the development and support are. Different smart TV devices have different resolutions and processing power.

Despite that our team managed to design an app that work seamlessly on different devices providing real-time streaming and custom navigation.



After successful completion of the development stage, our team focused on implementation on 4 most popular platforms:

Android TV

Launched at Jun, 2017

Apple TV

Launched at Sep, 2017

Android Smartphones

Launched at Sep, 2017

iOS Smartphones

Launched at Oct, 2017

Key features

  • 01

    Real-time streaming

    The solution that brings a connection with the community via smartphone or TV.

  • 02

    Сustom navigation

    The navigation on the smart TV is user-centered and smooth.

  • 03

    Access from 4 platforms

    The app is accessible from 4 most popular platforms: Android and Apple TV as well as Android and iOS smartphones.

The Results


We accurately examined the target audience through their specifics and based on the research, we discovered an optimal solution.


We built design around user needs by making content navigation simple with optimal visibility and convenient interface.


We developed access to the app from 4 platforms. Each of the devices has specific features, so it was essential to generate a universal solution.


We recognized that people long for spirituality in their life - and K-TV should bring the church right to their homes. Now they can always be in touch with the community just using their smartphone or TV.

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