Development time
2 months
3 professionals


Emergency Assistance Call System for people with Health Limitations

The Brief

Senior citizens are often in need of a special level of care. In order to address that need, a client from Germany came up with a concept for a tech solution to provide greater security for the elderly or those with limited mobility. They envisioned an emergency assistance call app.








Technological challenges

Our customers set out to create a platform with broad social significance, so we took as our primary goal finding a solution that was helpful, simple, and accessible to anyone. When time is of the essence, app efficiency is non-negotiable. Our aim was to afford those in need of greater care a sense of security, 24/7.

Flawless application performance across all devices

Libify is a cross-platform app that adapts to any operating system, display, and platform functionality. A single all-inclusive, feature-rich solution.

One-push button to notify of an emergency

Bluetooth connects the button to a phone. With a single press of the button, a smartphone makes a call to a number on a pre-designated list informing them that the user needs help.

Connecting the smartphone and the emergency call center

The app is directly connected to the local emergency call center. The smartphone makes the call automatically even if it’s blocked.

Real-time geolocation tracking

GPS-tracking follows the user’s location so they can travel safely.

Key Features


Battery safety mode


Emergency list of contact persons


Instant voice connection with contact person or emergency call center


Messaging with user location coordinates


February 2018

  • criteria clarification
  • specification
  • estimation

March 2018

  • clarification of user part structure
  • crafting prototype
  • front-end development begins

April - June 2018

  • front-end development
  • QA

July 2018

  • maintenance & support

The Results


We developed an app that enhances care provision for people limited by health, age or mobility issues, providing instant access to emergency services in times of need.


We designed a cross-platform app to ensure seamless navigation across all devices.


We provided additional features like GPS-tracking and battery safety mode to ensure app reliability.

Libify is a system of high social relevance – providing a sense of security and freedom to those in need of greater assistance. We managed to design an app that is technologically reliable with a clean interface. Our cross-platform solution ensures high output and easy maintenance, offering health maintenance through technology.

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