Support Ukraine

Ukraine continues to be an important part of our global operations. As we have done since the war began, we will continue to provide support for our Ukrainian employees by fulfilling our responsibilities to our clients.
“We are continuing to work because it is distracting us from bad thoughts.”

How S-PRO Is Operating During the War

All our Ukrainian employees are safe and have no injuries

Our teams in Ukraine are safe and have fully restored their work processes. 99.6% of our employees are working full-time, and one of our team members volunteered to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

S-PRO is an international company with over 250 team members worldwide. They work remotely from anywhere in the world, and from our offices in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, and Armenia in particular. It helped us a lot to stabilize the situation. Some of our Ukrainian employees have moved to our international offices.

February 25 — 40% availability
March 1 — 60% availability
March 20 — 98% availability
May 1 — 99.6% availability

S-PRO continues hiring globally

We have made globalization one of our priorities for this year. The war in Ukraine has shown that it’s essential to expand and diversify the team. That’s why we are investing our resources in Poland, Switzerland, and Germany to expand sales and R&D offices and guarantee a stable and safe working environment for our employees. At the moment, we have a large percentage of employees outside Ukraine, and we will make our team even more international.

New and existing clients continue to work with us

Since the beginning of the war, we have signed contracts for seven new FinTech and Healthcare projects. We are ready to cooperate and will be grateful for your referrals.
S-PRO Employees around the world

What We Are Doing to Support Ukraine and Its People

Updated on 3 August
From the beginning of the war, we have taken a proactive position and sought to do everything possible to help our team and everyone in Ukraine. We have opened a fund worth $100,000 to help our employees financially, volunteered, and raised funds to support Ukraine together with those who are willing to help.
Raised and donated more than 1 million UAH (around $33,000) to the Ukrainian military and for humanitarian needs
Collected more than 20 humanitarian aid boxes for the Armed Forces and people who have returned from captivity
Sent nine thermal imagers to the front for the Rapid Reaction Unit
Purchased all necessary items for one of our colleagues, a reserve officer in the Armed Forces who was among the first to mobilize
Handed over 50 helmets, 25 bulletproof vests, and 20 communications systems to the Armed Forces
Collected humanitarian aid for internally displaced persons, orphanages, and people in need
Equipped one platoon of the Armed Forces with tactical gloves, backpacks, and summer shoes
Donated a laptop and power banks to the Armed Forces
Bought a Nissan Navara for military use
Equipped Zaporizhzhia repair forces with repair tools, batteries, and vehicle consumables

Let’s Support Ukraine Together!

We are grateful to everyone who is searching for an end to the Russian aggression.
Russia won’t break us, and by stabilizing our work, we can fight back. We will continue directing our resources to resist the invasion.
Glory to Ukraine! Слава Україні!