Support Ukraine

Since February 24, there has been war in Ukraine. Our task as a company with offices in Ukraine is to provide a stable future for our employees and support the Ukrainian economy. And in line with our values, which include responsiveness, we will fulfill our obligations to our clients and employees under any circumstances.
“We are continuing to work because it is distracting us from bad thoughts.”

How S-PRO Is Operating During the War

All our Ukrainian employees are safe and have no injuries

Our teams in Ukraine are safe and completely restored the workflow. 99,6% of our employees are working full-time. One employee went voluntarily to the Armed Forces to protect Ukraine.

S-PRO is an international company with over 250 team members worldwide. We have three representative offices in Germany (in Dusseldorf, Munich, and Berlin) as well as delivery offices in Poland, Ukraine, and Armenia. It helped us a lot to stabilize the situation. Some of our Ukrainian employees have relocated there.

February 25 — 40% availability
March 1 — 60% availability
March 20 — 98% availability
May 1 — 99.6% availability

S-PRO continues hiring employees all over the world

We made globalization one of our priorities for this year. War in Ukraine has shown that it’s essential to spread and diversify the team. That’s why we are investing our resources into Poland and Germany for sales and R&D offices to guarantee a stable and safe work environment for our employees. For now, we have a great percentage of worldwide employees and will make our team even more international.

New and existing clients continue to work with us

Since the beginning of the war, we have already signed contracts for seven new projects in FinTech and Healthcare. We are ready to cooperate and will be grateful for your referrals.
S-PRO Employees around the world
Ukraine - 60%
Germany - 4%
Armenia - 10%
Other countries - 21%
Poland - 5%