Top 5 Challenges in Cooperation with Outsourcing Companies

On the 20th of May, the S-PRO C-level in partnership with InnMind hosted an online webinar to discuss the main challenges startup founders face...
Igor Izraylevych Igor Izraylevych
2 min read

How Does S-PRO Estimates a Blockchain Project Development

Understanding your needs while trying to estimate a project enhanced with innovative technologies like Blockchain means a lot. So we’ve created a list of...
Sergei Shendenkov Sergei Shendenkov
4 min read

The Story Behind the S-PRO Visual Identity

The S-PRO company has grown immensely over the last couple of years and at some point, we’ve realized—the time has come! We needed a...
Vlad Hrebeniuk Vlad Hrebeniuk
1 min read

What Things We’ve Learned at Machine Learning Prague 2019

The S-PRO experts have visited the biggest conference about Machine Learning in Europe and we are ready to share with you how it was, what...
Andrii Hrebin Andrii Hrebin
2 min read

S-PRO Expertise Brought It to the Top Mobile App…

GoodFirms recognizes and appreciates the efforts of S-PRO — end-to-end development company that provides custom solutions for enterprises and startups—by entitling it among the...
Avatar Yulia Zorkina
2 min read

Why This Is a Good Idea to Hire Developers…

Why in Eastern Europe? Well, don’t you want to get an application of the highest quality at the lowest price possible? That’s what everybody...
Avatar Yulia Zorkina
3 min read

How to Build a Dream Team for Your Startup

Startup sounds inspiring from the very beginning. When you hear this magic word you might already imagine how it changes the world for the...
Avatar Yulia Zorkina
4 min read

How Ukrainian Companies Hosted Behance Portfolio Reviews

Every six months, Behance as the leading design-centric platform chooses companies to hold Portfolio Review Week. Such meetups take place simultaneously in more than...
Avatar Yulia Zorkina
2 min read

Our Breakthrough in Blockchain: from Failure to Success—Interview

Technological success of every company is possible only through a lot of sweat and blood. Not literally, of course. In this article, you’ll read...
Avatar Yulia Zorkina
7 min read